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    Optical light transmission through a coating

    If I was to measure the transmission of light through a coated piece of glass(with a coating designed to scatter light). Do I expect the optical transmission to be different if the light is incident upon the coated side compared to if the light is incident on the uncoated side and exits through...
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    Basic aerodynamics and mechanics

    I'm a Chemistry Postgrad. I wish to learn about the basics of flight, aerodynamics and mechanics merely as a hobby. I wish to learn about aircraft principles and calculations and how to determine whether a specific aircraft will fly and at what speeds given some measurements such as wing area...
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    First order purterbation

    1. Homework Statement A diatomic molecule in a uiform magnetic field along z-axis B =(0,0,B). SO the Hamiltonian is H = \frac{\hat{l^2}}{2I} - \mu(\hat{B}\bullet\hat{i}) \mu is some co-efficient. Considering he hamiltonian above as perturbation and using first order perturbation theory find...