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    Originless Coordinates?

    This is something that has always been in my mind, yet everywhere I look I can't find an answer. Is there any type of coordinate system that has no origin? As in, everything is found by relation to other elements within the model? :confused:
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    Power consumption: Residential vs. Commercial

    Just a hypothetical question here. It's just a thought that popped into my head that I thought was an interesting topic. Seeing as many companies now have data centers and server farms, what would to say consumes more power overall? All of the technologically superior countries' companies'...
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    Schools Engineering college rankings

    I'm currently an undergrad and I'm looking for a college to transfer to. Where can I find accurate college rankings for engineering? Google hasn't really helped me, and I honestly don't know what to trust. My adviser's are entirely useless about the subject unfortunately (I think the school...
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    Look Around you

    I remember watching these educational videos waaaay back in the day (I was homeschooled) and learned alot. Great fond memories.
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    The obligatory first post thread

    Whaaat? Nobody has started a first post thread? Jees. Fine, I'll be the radical bad boy and make it. Hi! I'm Joe. Nice to meet you all. I'm a Physics Major in Western Massachusetts (no e, lol) and currently attempting to find a new college because the one I'm at is just abysmal. I've...