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    Heard about anti-protons and anti-electrons

    But since it matter converts its antimatter counterparts into 100% energy, which is absolutely astronomical, if antimatter were found, like there are those that believe that they have seen concentrations of such in space, then it would only take a very small amount to provide vast amounts of...
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    Casimir Effect

    But I though these particles can happen "occur" in any environment, not just an absolute vacuum, even witha vacuum, there is still radiation passing through it. (At least by any vacuum able to be created on Earth) If radiation passes through, then it affects these particles, if not, then it...
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    The building of a proton accelerator

    In high school, Michio Kaku built his own particle accelerator around the football field over the Christmas break. According to him, it did usually blow every fuse in his house.
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    Casimir Effect

    Thanks a bunch people, you all gave me more then I ever intended. Oh and btw, when you asked me to elaborate on "negative energy", your guess is as good as mine, that was what the energy gained by the Casimir Effect was described as. Hey, I think Im not doing that bad for a sophmore in high...
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    Casimir Effect

    Ummm...I don't know if this is the best section for this... but... it is said that a negetive energy can be created through the quantum theory via the Casimir Effect. Here is what I know as fact. In 1948, a Dutch physicist known as Henrik Casimir discovered how this negative energy can be...