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    Very restricted in undergrad options, need advice!

    Aside from some math courses I would be missing, would this degree suffice to get me into an electric engineering prog or something similar? [Broken]
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    Courses Which order to take math courses?

    I just enrolled at the local college for electrical engineering and was wondering what order I should take my classes in? Should I take physics before calc or no? also differential equations, whats it like?
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    Advice for aspiring engineer student

    I don't have a car and the only engineering program in my area within bus limits is an associates in applied science program but i already have an AS in something else so what should I do? Devry has an ABET accredited electronic engineering program but I'm not sure if I should go there.
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    BS in space studies for MS. In engineering physics?

    I was thinking since alone it's a bit general I could fill my electives with physics 1 and 2 , diff equations, chem, etc and a ton of math. Would that be enough to get me into a grad engineering prog? It is the BS in space studies from APUS.