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    Condensed Matter/Solid State Physics/Materials Science?

    essentially they all tend to look at similar problems, but depending on what you are trying to accomplish each approach has a slightly different tool set. actually, solid sate and condensesd mater are really the same. condensed could be looked at as taking all the lessons from solid state and...
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    Piercings and tattoos in the physics community

    was just at a big corporate sponsored conference, and it was funny since it seemed to be that a pony tail on the men was required to become a VP. That said I have a tattoo on my forearm and when I am meeting customers/ collaborators for the first time I generally keep it covered, till they...
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    Starting from square one.

    focus on learning and mastering the A-level material since most Physics books that are not general will be beyond you till you get the A-levels completed. That said either joining the IOP or APS would be worth it for the fact that you get a subscription to Physics World (IOP) or Physics...
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    Love Physics/Maths but procrastinating too much?

    lol i still have this problem. I mean I am replying here while I am supposed to be revising my phd thesis. ;) anyway, since I fought with this problem while I worked professionally as an engineer, I will say it is just something that you come to terms with and eventually work out your own...
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    Questions regarding Surface plasmons

    I think you are still missing some basics since the excitation of SPP's on the air/metal is the same as glass/metal, just material specific conditions need to be meet. I would suggest that you read Mair's book on plasmonics, and also look at Rather's classic and oft cited text. Since i am...
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    Questions regarding Surface plasmons

    Hi kayacan- I think it is a gross simplification to say that researchers are interested in on metal-dielectric interface over another. the metal/air interface presents one that is probably the most encountered in everyday experience, but if you were to look at the dispersion curve for this...
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    Engineering How do you get an engineering job with a physics degree?

    the job description just describes a fairly standard set of duties for interacting between external customers and then your internal customers. Basically, reading those requirements, it sounds like you will be directly interacting with external (read paying) customers to understand the...
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    Questions regarding Surface plasmons

    quickly, radiation dampening could be thought of as loss of energy through the conversion back into light, where as internal dampening would be ohmic and other absorptive losses.
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    Questions regarding Surface plasmons

    Hi, I am not sure if I understand the first question at all. could you please re-phrase? as to point number two, EOT on thin metal films occurs through the coupling of several processes. The first one is that by periodically structuring a metal film a surface Bloch mode can be set up on one...
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    Doubts about surface plasmons

    some quick comments 1) for propagation length I would start with Raether's book about Surface Plasmons on Gratings... sec 2.1 to be exact and some references there in. Also will probably be a good discussion in Maier's book as I find his exposition pretty sound. he writes a lot about...
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    What does it mean for a plasmon to confine or guide light?

    Well I am not really an expert in antenna theory and it has been a good number of years since I even had the basics. But if I remember correctly the operation of an antenna does not rely on the collective oscillations of the metal plasma. Plasmon related phenomena are collective excitations...
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    What does it mean for a plasmon to confine or guide light?

    This is the basic idea, however the plasmon frequency is not exactly the photon frequency. The first thing that needs to be understood is that there are two different types of plasmons. First, there are oscillations of the bulk conduction electrons. these occur at the plasma frequency and are...
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    Physics I am getting my Physics BS, what jobs can I get without grad school besides teaching?

    Re: I am getting my Physics BS, what jobs can I get without grad school besides teach Feynman also a) did not teach at the high school level and b) requirements for teaching high school were much different 50+ years ago.
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    E and M waveguide theory spec. co-axial

    thanks for that I will look those up at the library and see if I can find them.
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    E and M waveguide theory spec. co-axial

    Hi all- just looking for a few good references deriving the mode structure of coaxial waveguides. I have read through griffiths a few times but was not really happy. further consulted an edition of landau and lifgarbagez, but again came away dissatisfied. While I realise and understand what...
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    Transformation Optics and Meta-materials

    What kind of thesis are you thinking of writing? a year at undergraduate level is not a lot of time to get much done. So any project you are thinking should be not overly ambitious in initial scope. Additionally, I hope that at least one member of staff is somewhat conversant in the topic as...
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    Engineering Becoming an engineer with a Physics degree

    agree with ben above. I have worked as a process and applications engineer for the last 10 years. In fact the majority of the people at the company i just left do not have engineering degrees, but all have the title engineer. physics provides a great basis for doing engineering, especially...
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    Schools What math courses to take as an undergrad in physics planning for grad school

    i would say if you go more experimental or even end up getting an engineering job basic stats will come in handy.
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    Future of photonics

    photon- photon may be out, but photon-plasmon are one area that shows some promise for optical computing. I was at a photonics conference last Easter and the conference organizer pointed out that he thought much of the research would start heading into the plasmonics side as building plasmonic...
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    Surface plasmon coupling

    You know I have understood this for a few years now, but this is one of the simplest statements of the coupling I have seen to date. thanks
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    Surface plasmon coupling

    well there are a few things going on here. First the figure above only represents the dispersion relation for SPP on a smooth film. As mentioned by Cthugha the only way for coupling happens occurs when energy and momentum are matched. This means that with out any features on the film light...
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    Any good references on EIT?

    agree the fano paper being difficult, but you said you wanted the hard math to the phenomena. ;-) that said as fano/eit are being referenced a bit more in some of the optics lit that I am reading for plasmons, I would suggest doing the whole check references and see where it leads you. that...
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    Any good references on EIT?

    So I just looked through my folder on these and realized that most of my papers are based on the discussion of Fano resonances. Since EIT is a type of Fano resonance. So you would be best served looking at the first paper by Fano: Phy Rev 1961 vol 124 #6, also found this paper...
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    Any good references on EIT?

    end of day, but i will dig up a few papers that i have on it. came up recently in the context of some research on fano resonances, there is a good paper which presents a good toy model ... just can not remember what journal....
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    Any good references on EIT?

    are you talking about electromagnetically induced transparency
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    Physics Should I leave Physics?

    I will say case and point that I am an example of a person with a BA in Physics doing an engineering job. For me, physics thought me how to learn, gave me the basic math skills needed in all engineering jobs and a basic understanding of the physical processes involved in most semi-conductor...
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    Getting a B.S. in Physics was a big mistake aparently.

    I work as a 'sr applications engineer' for an electron microscope and FIB manufacturer. I currently only have a b.a. in physics. while most of what i do is actually process engineering, meaning understanding stats and process variation, i have learned the majority of that by self taught or...
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    REU? Testimonials

    agreed, these are all skills that you need at least some familiarity with. as to the original question, my REU experience at UC- Irvine was great. one of the best summers of my life. I got to work in a lab largely independent, program some data collection routines, modify an experimental...
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    How To Calculate Position Two Magnets Will Attract And Lock

    you know on my cab ride back to the hotel (on a buisness trip at the moment) I realized the same thing about the two spherical magnets problem. again by geometry I would assume that the three manet would form into some kind of triangular arrangement.... as to equations to determne this i...
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    How To Calculate Position Two Magnets Will Attract And Lock

    I am assuming that by 'lock' you mean touch? if so I would think so, and it would be through applying maxwells equations. though since it has been well over 7 years since the last time i did that type of calculation i will have to look it up.