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    Reason for Velocity

    And in a frictionless environment after a force is applied and then removed you have velocity. "a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force." ... "an object at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force." So you have velocity because at...
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    Ridiculously simple Pressure question

    You cannot compress NO2 enough to liquify it. As you compress it heat is generated. You are not super-cooling your engine either. If you were getting frost on the outside of your cylinder head then that might be a consideration. Since you are running at 14000 rpm there may be a geometrically...
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    Nikola Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity

    Back to the topic..... Tesla discovered AC current, the AC motor, AC generator, radio, and fully demonstrated a modulation device that caused a small earthquake in Brookland. As to why there is no written material, the fact that the FBI confiscated all of his paperwork upon his death is a...
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    Ridiculously simple Pressure question

    As you add more nitrous you have to add more fuel. The oxygen is released as it heated in the process of combustion. It is very easy to lean the mixture to the point that you lose power - which is what I believe you are encountering. There is too much heat in the engine to re-liquify NO2 so that...
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    Why don't electronics care if it's DC or AC current?

    An incandescent light turns on and off 120 times a second (the polarity reverses at double the operating frequency. The filiment doesn't have time to cool off so we don't "see" the flicker. In electronics (like your computer) the power supply converts the AC to DC so the electronics can do their...
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    Parabolic Motion

    A recursive trajectory calculation is fairly easy to setup using the time gradiant and the acceleration of gravity. Depending on initial velocities and the drag coefficient of the object you can very accurately compute the path. I did this for an external ballistics program in C back when DOS...
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    Contact sparks

    The circuit that you are desribing sounds like an ignition source for a flammable or explosive device. I won't help with that - sorry Paul
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    Calculate water pressure coming out of a pipe

    Why not just calculate the "Head" pressure and use that? If you know how high above the outlet the top of the water is then using the the weight of a 1 square inch column of water that high gives you the PSI of the water with the pipe shut off from flow (static or "head" pressure). There are...
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    Contact sparks

    If you want to design a circuit in which the spark jumps a gap it has to be either alternating current or pulsed DC at very high voltages. Straight DC will not jump a gap, it has to be initiated with the conductors coming into contact.
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    Bypass Capacitors

    Mearvk, Capacitors will not store AC current. In AC circuits a capacitor acts more like a filter resistor than a buffer or storage device. In AC circuits the capacitor can be used to change the phase between voltage and current by 90 degrees. (an inductor can be used to bring it back into phase)
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    Rest Mass of Photon.

    Both space and time are affected by massive objects so it stands to reason that space/time would be affected by the black hole. The speed of the photon and its energy are the cause of its emission. After it is emitted Its speed and energy levels are constant due to its velocity.
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    What happens to you if you get pulled into a black hole?

    Jimmy, the oceans are not in freefall, but I am here for another reason: I am going to attempt this one last time. I will not be sticking around for comments but you can say or do whatever you want. Since, at the black hole, we are talking about a stretching of time/space I thought I would...
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    What happens to you if you get pulled into a black hole?

    If you feel the need to hold on to the Newtonian concept of gravity as a force then fine. There are still people who believe that the world is flat. Maybe you could have a party with them. Mass bends space/time. Gravity as a force does not exist. There is no instance where space/time curvature...
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    What happens to you if you get pulled into a black hole?

    Jimmy, The tides are also generated by the curvature of space/time. Just as a ball that is thrown into the air is following the curvature of space/time back to the Earth. Gravity is not a force, it is an effect that we perceive from the curvature and velocity of the time/space around us. Paul
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    What happens to you if you get pulled into a black hole?

    You have to accept that light has no mass - right? If light has no mass and it is curved around a massive object then it cannot be a force acting upon a massless object - it has to be bent space/time like Einstein set forth in GR. It can't be both. Gravity either exists as a force or it exists...
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    What happens to you if you get pulled into a black hole?

    You are missing the point: You are riding the space/time curvature in free fall. There is a difference in the space/time curvature from one point on your body to another but you are still locked into a space time reference. You are treating gravity as a force. It is not. It is simply the effect...
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    What happens to you if you get pulled into a black hole?

    We exist in the fabric of space time. If space time is distorted how would you know? We could be living in a six dimension universe that has been distorted by a black hole in three of the dimensions and so we only see the three we experience. There would be nothing within your frame of reference...
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    Slowing down light

    I believe I just said that......?! Paul
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    Science fiction inventor with physics question

    Since you have a fusion reactor why not ionize particles in front of the ship with a laser and direct the ionized particles into a hollow ship to a laser powered fusion reactor that vaporizes the particles and ejects them out the back at nearly the speed of light. that's believable and more or...
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    What are quarks made of?

    I can remember when Protons, Neutrons and electrons were the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Now its quarks until we find a way to look deeper into the quarks. we may end op with "x", "y" and "z" as the building blocks of quarks and then they will be the "building blocks" of the...
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    A hypothetical machine (fluid expansion)

    They already use fluid cylinders on solar panel frames to track the sun and to open and close vents in green houses to maintain even temps. It would be easy to convet this to the operation of shutters to block the sun or to let the sun in for "passive" solar heating and cooling. Paul
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    What happens to you if you get pulled into a black hole?

    Because space time is pulled and distorted the person or object being "spaghettified" would have no sensation of it. The rest of the universe would look funny but you would be "just fine so far". (typical optimistic view) The heat and pressure on the "interior" of a black hole would disassemble...
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    The destruction of particles and antiparticles

    When two particals collide under high heat and pressure they can fuse (fusion) leaving some of the energy or some of the elements making up the original particals as new pieces. If the heat or pressure is too low they can break apart into constituent componets which ultimately reform other...
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    Can gamma rays be deflected or shielded against with an electromagnetic field?

    Gamma radiation is from neutrons - they have no charge so the electromotive forces of the EMF have no effect on the gamma rays. The gamma waves could impart an electrical or magnetic effect on the EMF but it would be more like the inductance of an aluminum wire passing through a magnetic field...
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    I don't understand the nature of gravity

    If you use the general relativity concept of gravity you will find that it isn't a force at all. Falling rocks orbiting planets and the stars in the galaxy are symptoms of the deflections in time/space. This is why a light beam will deflect in the "gravitational" field of a massive object even...
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    Slowing down light

    A photo cannot exist at less than C. it is emitted at C and only exists because at C it doesn't experience time as passing. as soon as its velocity drops below C it "ages" and is gone. When traveling through some materials it is constantly deflected or absorbed and re-emitted so it seems to be...
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    Long Range Shooting Question

    The vertical velocity is due to the acceleration of gravity. If the rifle barrel is level with the ground (90 degrees to gravity) then both bullets will hit the ground at the same time. The one fired from the rifle will trave a lot farther but it falls at the same speed. The bullet does not...
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    Does anyone know if the fastest velocity of light is not fastest anymore?

    After checking the equipment another test was made and the results were still that the nutrinos were being detected before expected. (they did travel faster than light) it was also confirmed by an independent group. Paul
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    Expanding Universe here?

    We are gravitationally bound to other objects in our galaxie which is bound to the local cluster. The expansion of space only occurs between bound clusters. Here is a question: Is the "density" of space lower where it is expanding?
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    What is the acceleration of sound and what is the difference between acceleration an?

    Re: What is the acceleration of sound and what is the difference between acceleration waves propogate from the origin, they do not accelerate. Sound waves propogate at the speed of sound - in whatever medium involved.