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    Momentum, collision problem

    1. Homework Statement A car with a mass of 1680 kg is traveling directly northeast (45° between north and east) at a speed of 14 m/s (31 mph), and collides with a smaller car with a mass of 1300 kg that is traveling directly south at a speed of 13 m/s (29 mph). The two cars stick together...
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    Determining the time it takes to reach half of a penny's terminal speed

    The question is: The terminal speed of a penny is 11 m/s. By neglecting air resistance, calculate how long it takes for a penny falling from rest to reach half of this speed 2. Homework Equations I thought maybe you had to use one of the kinematic equations but that didnt work 3...
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    Question on Proportionate spheres (Help )

    Question on Proportionate spheres (Help!!) A spherical balloon is partially blown up and its surface area is measured. More air is then added, increasing the volume of the balloon. If the surface area of the balloon expands by a factor of 9.4 during this procedure, by what factor does the...