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    Thin Film interference: air wedge

    1. Homework Statement A pair of very flat glass plates, 7.41 cm long, touch at one end and are separated at the other end by a small piece of 44 gauge copper wire, 5.08×10−5 m in diameter. An air wedge is formed between the glass plates by this supporting wire. Light of wavelength 631 nm...
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    Amplitude of an electron

    1. Homework Statement In a typical household current, the electrons in the wire may have a drift speed of 1.3×10−4 m/s. Actual household current is not a direct current, but instead is an alternating (oscillating) current. (If you have ever received an electric shock from an outlet, you have...
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    Higher order Calc project

    I was wondering if there are any topics for calculus based or advanced high school math project that I can devote my whole semester to at school.
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    Find the appropriate distance

    1. Homework Statement Two particles are situated on the x axis. The particle q1, with 34 excess electrons, is situated at the point x = 100 μm. The other particle q2, with 17 excess electrons, is located at the origin. Give the x value of a point between the particles where the strength of the...
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    Doorframe problem

    A doorframe is twice as tall as it is wide. There is a positive charge on the top left corner and an equal but negative charge in the top right corner. What is the direction of the electric force due to these charges on a negatively charged dust mite in the bottom left corner of the doorframe...
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    Electrostatic force

    1. Homework Statement A mad scientist is designing a trap for intruders that will lift them up into the air and hold them helpless. The device consists of an equilateral triangle, 10.0 meters to a side, embedded in his floor. When he flips a switch, the corners of the triangle will be...
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    Regarding the definition of Work

    Confuses me very much. AP Physics specifies that when gas expands, negative work has been done. But most textbooks say that it's positive work. Could anyone explain the discrepancy here?