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    Black Hole Question

    I am no cosmologist, just purely curious as to what the explanations and if there are explanations currently to some of my questions: If it was possible can one fly far enough around a blackhole in all 360 degree angles, i assume yes one could but what the question leads to is, does it have...
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    Electric Fuel pump question

    Good Morning Please can anyone help, i would like to know if an engineer can tell me how this fuel pump works, i'm trying to establish if it is faulty or not, my actual fuel pump is shown in the pictures below, when i try to suck on the outlet or blow into it, i cannot get air through it...
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    Fabric of space ?

    I know currently there is no answer but please be open to theories or possibilities for this intrigues me endlessly: Everything is made up of something, so the fabric of space must also be made up of something. i'd like to know if it would be possible to "poke" a hole through the fabric of...
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    Tunnel inspection tech ?

    Good afternoon I'm doing geological surveying, magnetronomy, Orthomosiac photography and visual inspection of structures, with our UAV's I am currently developing a radar/laser guided system for inspecting hydro-electric tunnels. I want to incorporate it with a 360deg photo of the tunnel...