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    Phantom Drive H

    "Phantom Drive" "H" I believe I may have removed a thumb drive or maybe a USB hard disk drive without unmounting it. I have a drive "H" that I can't get rid of. I am running Win 7, intel quad core. Is there any way to "remove" the drive? Paul
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    Combination Rocket concept

    I decided to draw this up when the idea came to me just so I could visualize it. I am no rocket scientist so I thouhgt I would post the concept and get some feedback:
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    Wormhole generator?

    I have a question about what happens if: A collapsing star (with an appropriate mass <20solar masses) forms a "donut" shape as it collapses. (first, is that possible?) and would it generate a wormhole travelling through the "donuts" center? The only thing that causes me to believe it would is...
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    C/++/# New to Visual C++

    I need to learn how to use the Visual C++ 2010 express IDE. My programming skills are good enough to write code but when i open a project in the 2010 IDE I am overwhelmed by what is presented as the starting code. I have never used this environment before. Is there a good book on the IDE that...
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    C/++/# Help with C++ 2010 Express

    Does any one know where I can find lists of the names of functions, header files and key words along with the definitions and uses? I have no information beyond about 1985. I am sure there are some that were kept through the ANSI changes but I rerally need those and the only book I found hasn't...
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    Inflation or normal space/time misunderstood?

    Please forgive my ignorance but: I am trying very hard to understand how expanding space works. The problems I have are: 1. If expanding space has enough "connection" (friction?) to pull galaxies apart then it should also have a resistance to planets in orbit, rockets continuing on their...