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    Supernova 7000 ly away

    I've read in several news and science sites that a star roughly 7000 ly away from the sun is going to become a supernova in a very short time. Most science websites say that due to the distance of the star and earth's protective atmosphere this supernova will not pose any risk to life on...
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    Fast Airbrakes

    let's assume that it's possible to maintain a object floating in the air, when we acelerate with the object there's basicly only one way to stop it, airbrakes. let's assume that same object is traveling at a speed of 300 Km/h, is it possible to build a airbrake system able to fully stop the...
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    Best ways to

    I was wondering about the best ways to levitate a 2500 Kg ~ 5000 Pounds object at aproximately 1 ~ 2 meters from the ground by the means of high speed fans strategicly located beneath the respective object. how can I calculate the amount of energy that I need and discover the best...
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    Snowboard accident [Broken] this guy almost lost his head :rofl:
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    Are strings the equivalent to bits?

    I often think about this subject, would it be a fair assumption to say that our electronic bits are a equivalent and more simple "thing" of that we assume to be the more elementar "particle" of the universe, a string, acording to the theory, it is the vibrating state of certain string that...