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    This one has bothered me for a while (electric field)

    basically i have a small charged sphere on the left, and at a certain horizontal distance away from it theres a bigger sphere that is made of a thin shell of nonconducting material. the bigger sphere (B) is hanging from a non conducting, uncharged thread, and that thread makes an angle of 20...
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    Another Net charge question

    If the field is zero at all points on a surface, does this mean there is no net charge enclosed by the surface? I thought if you had an insulator of some kind wrapping around the charged particle, it could have those properties. but i also feel that electric field will go through insulator..(...
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    Net Flux due to charge on surface

    Hello, Will a point charge directly on the surface affect the net flux through the surface? (will it contribute to the next flux like a point inside the surface? i thought about it, and it seems like it will produce the same # of electric field lines going in as going out, so would it...