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    How useful would an equation finder be ?

    you got x, y pairs from somewhere (maybe an experiment) and plug into program and pops up a simple equation that best models the pairs (e.g. y = e^x) and curve fitted as well. The reason I'm asking is cause I made such a program, and want to know if such a thing is useful to others.
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    How to fire one electron at a time

    How? I've been looking but the only thing I get is the double slit experiment. How do you build a device that shoots one electron at a time? I know how to build a device that shoots a whole stream of electrons. But 1 at a time! How is it possible to get to such high granularity?
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    What are those drawing paper boards called

    There are these things where you can write on by putting pressure, and by lifting the paper it clears. I really want one to like write ideas & scratch work and stuff down and quickly erase it. I used to have one a long time ago and looking for it again
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    Ax = b when b = [0; 0; 0; 0]

    Homework Statement given z = (0, 0, 0, 1), and v = (0, x, y, z), and the following properties hold v \times u = L L \times v = u u \times L = v v, u, l, and z are unit quaternions In other words; we define forward (v), up (u) and right(L), find a unit quaternion that when you apply...
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    DE of the form y'' + by' = a

    Hi, I'm trying to solve the following equation y'' + by' = a But my answer doesn't make sense: The question: an object is flying through space, with velocity could be approximated as: v_next = v_current + a*dt - damp*v*dt dt - time increment taken repetitively a - acceleration damp - a...
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    The Face Game

    Hello everyone :) There is an alien that just came to earth and is having trouble recognizing peoples faces. We also have trouble recognizing his face; where his eye is on one hand and a mouth on the other. Luckily for us the alien understands our language and simple colours. The task is...
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    Teaching resources

    Iam asked to tutor a student in highschool math (10) and was wondering where may I find a variety of questions. I thought about making questions up myself but it is more time consumeing than I initially have thought. I don't know which forum to post this question? If another forum area is...