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    Rotational kinematics.

    Homework Statement i've altered this image to be easier to read. ignore problem 1 except for the information given. the picture of the rotating object is for problem 2, which is the problem i need help with [Broken] 2. The...
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    Work energy theorem involving a pulley

    So, yeah, my midterm is on friday, and i can't even figure out how to do questions like these because i just don't understand the way my prof teaches and the textbook has nothing relevant. So far, i've used work energy theorem to find the work done to stop the block. then i wrote out a net work...
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    Equal Weights problem.

    problem is attached so far i've found all the variables i could, and i've noticed that the vertical acceleration is 1.5 times larger in the vertical direction when the propeller is on than when the aircraft is flying. there's just so many different variables and situations and everything that i...
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    Free-falling problem.

    Homework Statement A pole vaulter comes down after barely clearing the hurdle. the hurdle is at a height "H" above the top of the soft mat on the floor. The mat has a thickness of "h". when the athlete lands on the mat he slows down at a constant rate so that his speed is 0 just before he...
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    I don't understand unit vectors

    Homework Statement My prof gave me a homework assignment and i don't really understand how to do the question. You are give two vectors \vec{A}=(3,1,-3) and\vec{B}=(-2,3,4) a) Find the angle between the two vectors b) Find all the unit vectors (if there are more than one) perpendicular...