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    Can roots be at the same points as POI's?

    can roots be at the same points as POI's? because when I set my original equation to zero and I set my second derivative equation to zero i get the same answer? is it possible that roots can be same as the POI's.
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    End behavior

    is y=sin(x) the end behavior of y=sin(x/2)?
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    Cos(x/2)/2 is my derivative

    cos(x/2)/2 is my derivative. and when I set it equal to 0, i try to solve for x. so cos(x/2)/2=0 cos(x/2)=0/2 this is the part where i'm stuck...a friend of mine did the rest and he came up with whats on the bottom, but I don't know how he did it or if its cos x=sqrt2/2
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    Solve f(x)=sin(x/2)

    original equation: f(x)=sin(x/2) need: show work on how to find roots, POI, min, max. intervals of increase/descrease. intervals of concavity, end behavior. please help..any help is greatly appreciated.