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    Shrinking and Expanding Space?

    Where can I find information on shrinking and expanding space as a form of travel?
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    Time Barrier?

    When an object breaks the sound barrier, sounds "lag" behind that object as it travels faster, theoretically the same can be said for light. Would this work the same for time? If you exceeded whatever limit this barrier has would time "lag" behind you?
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    This ones way out in left field guys - AI evolution

    Ok here goes, I was thinking about how to improve artificial intelligence capabilities, and I was in biology and for some reason we were taking about neuron and cell capabilities to replicate DNA in mitosis. And then it hit me, if you could create a small self-contained application that would...
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    New to Programming

    I am going to major in Graphics Design, and Engineering, but I feel I must first learn a programming language. I had my try at Python, but became side-tracked with school. Do you have any recommendations for a good language to learn. I understand programming semantics and syntax pretty well, so...