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    Mathematica Mathematica perfect square number detector oddity

    This may possibly be the wrong place for this, but I figure it's the closest area around since it's mostly software related I think. It may be a lame question, I'm not entirely at home in this area to say the least - this is a horizon streaching game more then anything on my part. For reasons...
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    Algorithm ponderer

    This is a problem that was posed by our professor when taking algorithms years and years ago. Unfortunately I can't recall terribly much about his solutions and (rather lengthy) musings on it, so I don't have a "correct" or "optimal" answer as such. Since I don't have a more normally worded...
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    Another river problem

    A little harder then the lion/goat/cabbage but easier (IMO) then the King/Queen/Peasant+wifes. A mother, a father, two sons, two daughters, a criminal and a cop need to cross a river. They have a boat for two, as usual in these situations. 1. The mother cannot be in the presense of any...