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    5.2 The Pigeonhole Principle pg.354

    Ex.30 Show that if there are 100,000,000 wage earners in the United States who earn less than 1000,000 dollars, then there are two who earned exactly the same amount of money, to the penny, last year. There are no equations. Please solve the question. I really need this question. Thanks
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    3.1 Algorithms (Discrete Mathematics)

    This does not answer my question though..
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    3.1 Algorithms (Discrete Mathematics)

    Describe an algorithm that takes as input a list of n distinct integers and finds the location of the largest even integer in the list or returns 0 if there are no even integers in the list. Please Help me on how to solve this type of question I am clueless.
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    Logics and Proof - Discrete Mathematics

    Prove or disapprove that the product of two rational numbers is irrational How do you solve this? Thanks
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    2.2 Set Operations: Discrete Mathematics and its application

    page.130 Ex.20 Ex.20 Show that if A and B are sets, then (A\capB) \bigcup (A\capB) = A. how do u solve this? The Attempt at a Solution
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    1.7 Proof Methods and Strategy

    I really don't know..but if u can do it in general form that would be great.
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    1.7 Proof Methods and Strategy

    [b]1. Prove or disprove that if a and b are rational numbers, then a^b is also rational?? PLEASE HELP......