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    News Equifax cybersecurity breach

    This is a big one guys: with 146 million registered voters in the US, losing the SSNs, birth dates, full names, and addresses of 143 million people equates to almost every American voter's sensitive information being compromised. Here are the recommended actions you should take in order of...
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    B Neutrino blast

    Last night I was watching the latest Alien: Covenant movie, where the crew and colonist are brought out of cryosleep to repair damages to the ship caused by a "neutrino blast". This didn't sit well with me, so I did some searching and thought I'd share what I found: Lethal Neutrinos...
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    B Angular momentum, degeneracy pressure, and cosmic inflation

    Considering the angular momentum of a collapsing star preventing it from resulting in a black hole by degeneracy pressure, are there ekpyrotic universe models that include angular momentum and degeneracy pressure as key factors of cosmic inflation?
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    Anomaly detection in cybersecurity

    This question is primarily directed to @bapowell, but I encourage others to please add any thoughts or suggestions. Brian, I just saw your bio while reading the CMB primers, and thought you may have some ideas on cybersecurity data analytics. Some background: I've been in cybersecurity since...
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    Light and its ideal speed

    When I read the speed of light in vacuum is c, does it imply that light doesn't actually travel at this speed in nature? My guess is no, light always travels at c, it's just that in the definition, we're trying to ignore the affects on light from other stuff like the comological constant and the...
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    B Local/proper time of EM waves?

    This may be a dumb question, but some of these other thread got me wondering: is there a concept of local/proper time for electromagnetic waves? I imagine the only 'clock' that could measure time (ticks) at the speed of light would be the field oscillations.
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    Time-based differential analysis

    is the fancy term I've been using to describe how I mine various network and system log data for interesting events that I want to be aware of. Since I never pursued a college degree or studied big data analytics, I'm hoping somone can help me identify a more appropriate term to use besides the...
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    NIST SP 800-160, Systems Security Engineering

    Looks like a lot of good stuff, I know what I’m doing this weekend! Summary document on SP 800-160: SP 800-160, Systems Security Engineering:
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    EM wave medium

    While studying the difference between sound and light, I am puzzled by the following statement in this blog: Is this just another way of saying it doesn't need any medium? The Transmission medium Wikipedia page makes me think the vacuum of space is its "medium".
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    B Ancient EMR attenuation

    My (layman) understanding of CMBR is that it's the oldest observable EMR since the recombination epoch, with a peak wavelength of 1.063 mm. Does it make sense that the EMR from before this time would have an exponentially longer (though still possible to detect) wavelength?
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    B Matter-antimatter annihilation and inflation

    Is there any link between the energy released from the annihilation of matter-antimatter during baryogenesis and cosmic inflation or expansion/dark energy? This question came up when reading:
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    B Black hole explosions

    In Hawking's "Black hole explosions?" 1974 letter to Nature, he states: My question is: wouldn't it be a terrible idea to generate a black hole of any size in a particle accelerator?
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    B Energy states

    Does energy have different states analogous to the solid, liquid, gas, and plasma states of matter? Would they be the same as "forms of energy" described here?
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    B Schwarzschild radius

    Learning about Schwarzschild radius from Wikipedia: Is it accurate to say any object of mass crossing the event horizon of a black hole is compressed sufficiently to have its own Schwarzschild radius, becoming a black hole itside of a black hole?
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    B Gravitational lensing thought experiment

    Hello all, I'm starting to learn the math in physics and have the following thought experiment I want to use to work through something I own. The setup: There is a wall 10m from the center of a 1m diameter sphere. There is a 1m diameter light source casting a 1m diameter shadow on the wall...
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    B Light propulsion

    Hello all, Is electromagnetic radiation considered a driving factor of intergalactic space expansion similar to directed energy propulsion? I assume every point in space has countless photons passing through it from every direction at all times.
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    I Photon fission in black holes

    Hello all, Is this a thing? I understand that a theory of quantum gravity is necessary to explain the physics at the core of a black hole, but it seems a black hole is the only environment energetic and dense enough to ignite a mass-energy feedback loop where colliding photons release the...