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    Programs PHD in biomedical engineering? Or just MAsc

    'm right now in my 5th year of engineering science (electrical and computer) and I'm pretty much lined up a spot in grad school at my same school with a shorter than average completion time for it. The research is in cardiac anatomy and biomedical imaging. I've been doing some towards my ugrad...
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    Computer Engineer

    Well i'm a 4th year student hehe. Not too far off from graduation and with some work experience under my belt in the form of a couple of coops. Sadly though, 4 years... way to be impossibly optimistic. It's usually a 5 year program following curriculum. The thing with engineering is that its...
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    Experiment with complex numbers

    How much calculus do you know? (the more the merrier!) Looking at those pictures you should have enough data for the low pass and high pass filters. But, what worries me is what you chose for the time constants. What you need to do is plot the voltage across the resistor vs. the voltage of the...
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    Fourier Series

    Meh. Nm. i read ahead and used the fourier transform pairs table. Also noting that j^k gives exp(j*k*Pi/2) which is just a phase shift to the square wave.
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    Fourier Series

    Okay. so i have a problem that i'm finding tricky to work backwards from. I'm given the coefficients Period 4 and x(t) is continuous. a_{k} = 0 if k=0 a_{k} = j^k*sin(k*Pi/4)/(k*Pi) if k!=0 Supposed to find x(t). Now i've tried a few things but have come up with many different...
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    LaTeX Figures in LaTex

    try checking into various packages such as placeins. Figures are "floats" so you really have to force it to go somewhere using tables or whatever.
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    Fortran for beginners

    matlab is derived from fortran and much of the syntax is swappable. Matlab is interpreted.. Perhaps mech eng's only learn 2 languages or so but us electrical engineers learn many more. Perhaps its because we design integrated circuits and electronics though. Still i hate it when people...
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    MATLAB ARGH Matlab trouble

    If you haven't already figured it out, there's nothing much to an .m file. Since i do not warez matlab, i'm using vim (a text editor) and octave. Basically what goes in a .m file is something like this function returnValue = f(x) returnValue = 2*x^2 + 3*x+2 end format long %for...
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    MATLAB Matlab Emergency

    heh, last night (long night, ended at 3:30am, gotta love engineering) at the end of everything i was using octave (GNU/Matlab :P) and i was piping the results out to a text file, but tired me hit tab (in bash) and piped over my matlab file :(
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    Big arrays

    rgrig is right. Secondly, with disk accesses it will be even slower.
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    AMD or Intel better ?

    Well, actually tons has changed but i agree its still a ****ty ISA (8086 was bad when it was new). The AMD64 is quite nicely cleaned up by adding a few more GPR's etc in 64-bit mode. They didn't go as far as i'd like but they took advantage of lack of backward compatibility.
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    Amplitudes of particles

    What, if anything, determines the amplitude of a sub-atomic particle. A specific question is do all photons have the same amplitude? I would assume that at least photons of same color do, since i can observe the destructive interference.
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    Maple Maple question

    Yeh, but there's still saddle points to deal with. (2nd derivate check) Look it up in a good calculus textbook and the write out the procedure in maple...
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    Way to systematically solve gate problems?

    What type of problem. Are you just trying to read ahead in preperation for school?
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    Language suggestions for writing an app

    gcc-'s goal is portability not speedyness so there are issues in the architecture that make it difficult for optimization. Intel's compiler is just about one of the best you can get, especially for AMD cpu's. Java has a run-time profiller and can optimize on the fly. That was one of the...
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    Getting rid of windows ME

    I recommend against that. I suggest creating a two partitions, One to store your "my documents" and one to store your windows/apps/everything else. When you have problems in the future you will thank me ;)
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    Language suggestions for writing an app

    Heh, i should've checked for a python interface. That's pretty nice :D
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    Language suggestions for writing an app

    Well, there are two solutions i'm thinking about, 1 would be to use SDL and access per-pixel data. This doesn't give you other widgets to work with unless you can find some lib laying around. It is very simple and works with c/c++ and has bindings for everything. It also extends nicely into the...
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    Caltech homepage trick

    Have you tried to Right click -> view source if you see any .js file reference download that too!
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    My network directory file synch batch file thing

    Developpers and group projects often have the same issue. How to keep a common codebase/document base while so many different users and different computers are accessing it. Well, there's a solution! :surprise: It might be a little more complex then typical...
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    What are quaternions

    Quaternions are also used by 3d programmers a lot for "camera" classes. Many people now argue that these things are useless because vector algebra and calculus can do the exact same thing. It is my understanding that this is a precurser to that branch of mathematics.
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    What exactly are tachyons

    Of course tachyons exist. Don't you remember when data discovered the cloaked romulan vesels??? Of course then there's this amusing limerick i've heard. edit: found the author :D
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    Why can't we ban adult sites?

    I just read today in the paper that China started a crackdown on porn around july 16th. They've sent people to jail even. They said they didn't want to corrupt the minds of the young people. So, how about you go live there? Sounds like they got everything under control and just the way you...
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    Why can't we ban adult sites?

    I don't know why people always look to the government for answers. If anything this needs to start at the other end of the system. Drugs, violence, terrorism, child porn, drunk driving, .... are all damn illegal and adding more laws doesn't prevent anything. 20% of people will always be...
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    Why can't we ban adult sites?

    The funny thing is, god tells me to jerk off. Every day i'm single he's like, so Goalie_Ca, how about you go and download some pr0n on da torrentse. And i'm like, damn god you pwn!11 And god's like "no problm d00d. I found a great site hear u mite like ;) I like to call it eves with implants111...
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    Why can't we ban adult sites?

    IF people don't want their children viewing porn its the parents responsibility!!!
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    Why can't we ban adult sites?

    Freedom is simply the right to choose and do as you wish. If free speech meant you had not-offend anyone or ****ing swear then it wouldn't really be free speach would it? I actually believe that pr0n is good and healthy. Sexuality is not something to pretend doesn't exist untill you're...
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    Ip tracing

    try doing a tracert on yourself and see where the packets all get routed.
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    Who makes viruses?

    A lot of these loosers "writting" viruses are script kiddies modifying others work. These are the people that always get caught. I must admit that i've written a few non-propagating ones as a prank once back in high school. It wasn't damaging or dangerous just embarrased some people who...
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    C sharp programming

    Learn java over c#. For too many reasons to list. It's a solid enterprise language and its clean for learning. My favorite language remains to be c++.