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  1. rshreyas

    Atmospheric pressure

    i have an idea of generating electricity..... inside vacuum there is no opposite pressure.a vacuum container is taken with a lubricated end.the end is closed with a long and light weight rod.just below the rod on the bottom surface of the container,a spring is tightly paced .So, because of...
  2. rshreyas

    Atmospheric pressure

    can we produce electricity from atmospheric pressure...if yes, please suggest any processes or methods by which we can generate electricity from atmospheric pressure..
  3. rshreyas

    Superfast light

    i agree to it .but, there should be a reason for light to travel in such a speed . you just gave me a reason which i know.
  4. rshreyas

    Back to the Future time travel

    as soon as i hear i only remember about the book where a man invents a machine that could travel in time .he goes into the past where his machine will be lost . he somehow manages to find his machine he soon travels to the future and he sees that ,earth would be a worst place to live in .he...
  5. rshreyas

    Superfast light

    all objects travel at a speed .when we come to light , the speed is approximately 3 * 108 . i am confused about how can it travel with such a speed . i have surfed in the internet but it only says that it is not yet proved . i wish to know the answer . this could help me to study optics more...
  6. rshreyas

    Branching growth

    In this present world we can see that many objects grow branches itself for growth .For example, 1.trees grow in size and branches itself . 2.leaves also undergo the same type. 3.the lightning is also branched. 4.the cracks grow in size by branching. 5.the roots grow in size by branching...
  7. rshreyas

    The devil(bermuda)triangle

    the northern part of the Atlantic ocean near Bermuda is prone for more tropical cyclones . many ships and jets are found missing .i referred it in Google but there was no proper explanation given to it . could anybody explain why the tropical cyclones is more only in that region.
  8. rshreyas

    Best ways to learn about sound energy

    i actually want to learn about the basics of sound .i have referred to some books .it was not convincing and did not help . i think that online learning could help me .so please i need some websites to learn about the basics of sound.
  9. rshreyas

    Best ways to learn about sound energy

    i am interested in learning about sound .so please can anybody provide a website for learning about it .
  10. rshreyas

    What are some of your favorite science-fiction novels?

    the best thing i have ever read is 'the time machine' and 'the first men in the moon'. it's nice .it was written by h g wells , the first science fiction author.
  11. rshreyas

    Good chemistry websites

    thank you thanks for those websites.It's amazing .I checked on to them.