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    Atoms, Void & Time Reversability

    Victor Stenger has proposed a model of the universe consisting only of atoms, void and time reversability. I like this idea, partly because it's almost simple enough for me to understand. But I have a problem with it. He suggests that the universe can be explained as atoms and void, as per...
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    Listserve Problem

    Does anybody here use listserve? I'm having trouble getting my command lines right and can't find the relevant instructions. Specifically, I want to switch to 'digest' mode but the instruction "digest" doesn't do it, nor does "listname digest", and nor does "digest listname". What am I missing?
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    The Foundations of Reality

    The purpose of this thread is to explore Dr. Richard Stafford's paper 'The Foundations of Reality' in order that I (and anyone else who wants to try) can come to some understanding of it. I'll quote from some introductory essays written by the author and also by Paul Martin, who has spent some...
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    A $1,000,000 Question

    * Win a Million Dollars Here! * Over the last couple of years I've spent some time on a pseudo-mathematical investigation the primes. I feel the results of this investigation are important, but I cannot be sure of this since I know so little about mathematics. I have written, emailed and...
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    Sine Waves and Primes

    Hi folks. I'm back to make a fool of myself again. It seems that I have a proof that the 'music' of the primes is caused by the interaction of a collection of sine waves. However, I have no idea whether this is old hat, trivial or interesting. Can somebody here tell me? PS. I don't know why...
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    Seiving for Primes

    Sieving for Primes For a while now I've been messing about in a spreadsheet trying to make sense of the pattern of the primes. I've at last managed to construct a simple programme that will sieve a range of numbers leaving only the primes. But I'm wondering just what it is I've done, whether it...
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    Mysticism and the epistemology of consciousness

    Note: This post has been split off from this thread. -hypnagogue ------ Your principle objection seems to be to the knowledge claims of mystics and meditators. It's a reasonable objection, and one I made for about forty years, but it does not hold up to analysis. This is because those...
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    Dedekind's Axiom

    Not sure if this is the place to ask this. It concerns Dedekind's axiom. Quoting from Dantzig this says: "If all points of a straight line fall into two classes, such that every point of the first class lies to the left of any point of the second class, then there exists one and only one...
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    Strings and Non-Locality

    If particles are made out of strings then it seems to follow that strings are, or can be, both local and non-local. Is this correct? I haven't seen any discussion of the wave-particle nature of strings (or the property of strings that allows particles to be also waves) so I assume I'm wrong...
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    Electron Question

    A basic question about electrons. As I understand it electrons do not have a size as such, but rather have a certain finite probability of occupying a particular volume of space. Does this entail that an electron has a finite probability of being a point particle and also a finite...
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    Research into the 'Paranormal'

    Most 'paranormal' phenomena/effects are difficult to research scientifically since they are too difficult to produce on demand, and maybe they are illusory anyway. However, if one uses the old fingers on a glass and letters around the table method of 'communicating with the other side' (or...
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    Merseinne Primes

    Question from a mathematics dunce. I recently read that Merseinne primes are searched for using 2^x -1 where x is a number. Is this correct? If so why not use 6n+/-1 instead?
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    A Meta-Metaphysical Question

    My question is - why are metaphysical questions undecidable? Don't feel obliged to read any more of this before answering, it's a bit long, but I wanted to put the question in some sort of context and so focus any discussion, and also see what objections are made to my thoughts on the...
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    Reimann's Critical Line

    Does anybody happen to know whether there are non-prime numbers which transform to give zero's on Reimann's critical line, or is it only the primes that do this?
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    Definition of Parallel Lines

    Can someone take a moment to give me the technical definition of a parallel line?
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    Deleting PMs

    I am not able to send a PM because I have too many stored. How do I delete them?
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    Problems in Science and Philosophy

    I'm collecting unmanswered and unanswerable questions, paradoxes and problems from philosophy and science and would welcome any contributions. The sort of thing I mean is Zeno's paradoxes, Russell's paradox, the problem of attributes, the problem of consciousness, the wave-particle duality...
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    Is Idealism Unfalsifiable?

    Is there any way of falsifying idealism?
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    Consciousness and Epistemology

    An admittedly sloppily expressed question to get a discussion going which comes at the problem of consciousness from a more epistemilogical angle. Goedel’s incompleteness theorems show that for any and every formal and systematic explanation of everything (in all possible universes) there...
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    Kuan Tsu

    Question for a Taoist. I've come across a reference to a text called 'the Kuan Tsu'. I thought Kuan Tsu was a person. Is there also a text by this name? I've searched but can't find it.
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    Appearance and Reality

    Does anyone know of other good, simple or well known metaphors for our relationship to reality besides Plato's allegory of the cave?
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    Origin of Matter

    Is there an orthodox scientific view on the origin of matter or is this invariably considered to be a metaphysical question?