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  1. danielhaish

    I What would happen if something would go immediately from point a to b

    the idea of time dilatation is that the light should cross 299 792 458 meters each second relative to all point of views , so when there is two observer that one of them is in rest and the other observer is moving , the clock ticking of the moving observer would be slower(by clock ticking i...
  2. danielhaish

    I Why is it that when anti-matter and matter meet they produce energy?

    I understand that the mass is being converted to energy but isn't it just an destructive interference of the properties of particles being present as waves of possibility , for example when electron is Interference with it self is it produce energy?, because the particle are weaves in quantum...
  3. danielhaish

    I Delay in signaling between entanglement particles

    I know that there isn't any delay that depends on the distance between particles, by the time it take to signal l to arrive from point a to b , but do there is any small delay that doesn't depends on distance . like the Minimum distance between two bodies divided by the speed of light . for...
  4. danielhaish

    B Why can't energy or information go faster than light?

    as I read here,when%20particles%20like%20electrons%20cannot%3F&text=The%20natural%20energy%20they%20possess,are%20already%20at%20top%20speed. things with mass cant...
  5. danielhaish

    Does ice melt faster in water because helps to change the phase

    so according to this nucleation start faster when there is a round matter that already in the phase that the other matter is going to ,so in case of ice melting in water because it would have more Nucleation points, edit: i mafe alittle experience and it...
  6. danielhaish

    B Do we feel the Earth going around the Sun as acceleration?

    when electron is moving around it like it accelerate and so it create magnetic field. and when mass accelerate it create gravity radiation , we also know that the gravity is not actuall force and it just change the time so when the earth move in 4 direction it change it path becuase time change...
  7. danielhaish

    Does it take long for magnets to respond to each other, and is it dependent on their separation?

    so I toke three magnet, two smell magnet and big one so the big one is attractive both of small onces so it order like -(+-)+ . I toke the small magnet close to the edge of the range magnetic and lift it so the magnetic field is preventing it from falling because the magnet is trying to flip...
  8. danielhaish

    I Why quantum wave function collapse is not consider a signal?

    I read about the non-communication theorem and I understand why when changing one practical will not change the other . But suppose that there is two observers that doing the double slit experiment, but using it with two entanglement practicals. observer one should send signal of yes or...
  9. danielhaish

    I Would light keep on a straight path after it bends?

    I am asking this question because I dint find a source that explain why the light go in straits line Let say that a light go near very big mass that bend it ,and then the light escape it . would the light change his angle after it band like that the red part is the range where the mass effect...
  10. danielhaish

    B What happens when the light is moving and not the observer?

    for example the car headlight would look faster then c speed. (it speed would be the speed of light +the speed of the car) to observer in front the car. because the light come from the car so the speed of the car would connect with light speed (like when you walk on a train) . so does the light...
  11. danielhaish

    Does it take longer to accelerate from high speed to higher

    I wanted to ask this question for very long . lets say we have rocket in mass of 1kg in space that moving in speed of 100 m/s if we want the rocket to speed up, we need to spent some energy that equal to mv^2/2. in our case it 1*200^2/2 it 2000 Minos the energy we already have which is...
  12. danielhaish

    Why can't two laser beams from two sources Interfere if they have a difference phase?

    I read in the internet that the reason that two laser can't Interference because they most likely have difference phase. but electromagnetic wave are just change in the electromagnetic filed that goes up and down , so mathematically they may Interference little let say that the there is...
  13. danielhaish

    B Do photons change if they don't experience time

    photos are in the speed of light which means that the fasts change in photons energy would take infinite time for the outside observer so does it means that the photons can't spin or interact with each other or have any kind of change
  14. danielhaish

    Do two light waves with difference frequencies connect when they meet?

    for example the blue light wave have frequency of about 450Thz and the yellow wave have frequency of about 508thz (I found this data in the internet) , so if this two wave would get closer to each other we would observe them as green wave which have frequency of 526Thz . so my question is...
  15. danielhaish

    Does light spread or not?

    if you put a light on object you will see shadow in the shape of the object . it would looks like the following picture the blue part is the object. but if you point a laser or light on specific object you will be able to observe it from differences angles like in the following picture the...
  16. danielhaish

    I Are there waves that go up and down without going below zero displacement?

    weave is change in something. and I always see harmonics wave that looks like this there is some normal value lets say the height of the water then the height of the water become higher then normal and then lower like that But do there are an harmonics waves in physics that just going up and...
  17. danielhaish

    Is it possible to measure the general amount of electromagnetic field

    We relating to an electromagnetic radiation as waves. and in waves there is maximum point and minimum point but when there is permanent electromagnetic level there is no disorder or weave . so is it possible to measure it in blank space relative to other places
  18. danielhaish

    B Question about speed connection

    Lats say that i am moving on space ship that moves 50% of the speed of light And this space ship is on a planet that moves in speed of 50% of the speed of light . And we have one clock on the spaceship ,clock number one, and on the planet we another clock,clock number two. And on difference...
  19. danielhaish

    B Can we use relativity to speed up computer calculations?

    there is many analog dividing machine that base on time counting . so does this machines work faster on height speed system such as Particle Accelerator it may help in decryption of public encryption and other coculation . It looked at relative calculator and in the speed that close to the...
  20. danielhaish

    Behavior of one electron choosing a path

    I know that current chose the way with the lowest resistance but this is becouse that few electrons will go on the two path and the smallest number of electron .,Is the path that the current go throw . But how does a single elelctrons "choose" is path . And also if I connect two wire to a...
  21. danielhaish

    Question about acceleration and movemenr

    But we know it not true becouse then it was almost impossible to run on a train
  22. danielhaish

    Which surfaces get positively charge by grabbing (static electricity)

    So is it becouse the material or becouse the fact that the balloon is the object that moves and the hair is static. and does every two objects that been grabed together will nacessrly continues each other. and also why does the minos of a bttary doesn't stick to the flower
  23. danielhaish

    Does the size of a magnet affect its range?

    I wandering if the size of magnet or if there is vacum or not change the range of magnet