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    Why America won the second world war

    This thread is created to allow Smurf to teach me why America won the second world war :biggrin:
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    Phobos and Deimos

    Has there been any recent photographs or data of the martian moons?
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    Suicide pigeon shot dead outside busy shopping centre

    New terror alert... :surprised [Broken]
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    Postings count freeze

    It seems as if the posting score is no longer functioning. Is that actually the case?
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    Place to discuss the Theory of Relativity

    I read this and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. If it isn't then I appologise. An object in space accelerates to 2/5 th the speed of light and then stops accelerating travelling at a steady pace. If it doid this 3 times it would travel 1.2c. Now, if something cannot go...
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    Hans Bethe website

    I just came across this and thought that it may be of use to some people: Hans Bethe website
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    Nailing those Galaxies

    Thank's to the help I've received here I've created rules to turn the polar coordinates into cartesian coordinates but, say I had the coordinates for the galactic centre for Andromeda and the Milky Way and I also had coordinates for certain stars. I want to put a limit on my database that not...
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    Information request about Galaxies

    Hi again, I'm doing a bit of research about the positioning of the galaxies (the local group in particular) and I was wondering if there were any lists available where the cartisian coordinates were already calculated as apposed to translating them from the polar coordinate vectors.
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    The Speed of Light changing through the Space

    Right, third time lucky. Here's something I wrote for a friend of mine after we had a discussion about perception. I wonder if any of you chaps would care to have a read of it (primarely the theory within the first third of the document) and make free with your comments
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    Ummm attachment?

    I'm trying to attach a word document but it just doesn't want to happen. I've put it into the P drive, then O Drive and then finally the C Drive and still no joy. Do I need permission or something :frown:
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    Algebra problem

    Hi following a link on another thread I began to read On The Electrodynamics Of Moving Bodies should equal but I end up with a minus instead of a plus between the two fractions(in the last equation). I've gone through my calculations but I cannot see where I've gone wrong...
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    New guy says Hi

    I been reading my way through your forum and thought I'd join in for a while :smile: Just a bit of background: I love maths and physics. Although I'm not the smartest guy in town I like to think I can hold my own when it comes to the theoretical side of things. Most people I know...