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    Is it at all possible to live after drinking bleach?

    Is it at all possible to live after drinking bleach? A friend of a friend of a friend... tried to kill herself with a bag of pills and a bottle of bleach. Medics found her and resuscitated her, she has been in the hospital in critical care for about 12 hours. I am wondering if it is at all...
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    Need Japanese Translation

    Pretty please? I know there are people here that can read Japanese, I really would appreciate the help. Sorry it is rotated, I couldn't figure out how to get it changed. Thank you in advance!
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    How to make $4000 an HOUR!

    Become a CEO. Apparently the median wage is now 9.7 million. That is $4645 per HOUR, folks. Must be nice to make more in an hour than most of your employees make in an entire month.
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    Are you a psychopath?

    This is a quiz put out on the internet to promote Kevin Dutton's new book "The Wisdom of Psychopaths." A bit of fun, similar to the personality quizzes. :smile: And for the record, mine came up as 0 out of 33..... hhrrmmmmmm.... I can't wait to...
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    Home made pickles

    I know we have talked about pickles before, and fermenting vs non fermenting, but I want to get a thread dedicated solely to pickling. I am feeling the pickling urge again. What is your favorite fruit or vegetable to pickle? Has anyone had fun playing around with flavor combinations of...
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    Supernova created solar system

    After reading this article: I was wondering if the shock wave from the super nova could still be detected? If so, could we figure out what region the supernova came from?
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    Bank Director: What did he do?

    What do you think? Did he take the money and run? Or did he commit suicide?
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    May Day! Seattle is going insane

    Is this only here? Or is it going on in other cities? Seems to me that there really is no real reason for this violence, banners have numerous different slogans on them. Its more like they just want to be violent, pick what ever excuse you want to be violent. I thought May Day was a day...
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    Can someone explain why this works?

    This sounds very hokey (in a metaphysical way), and I am sorry for that. It isn't, it is a very serious question.... A number of years ago a friend gave me a "healing wand." It is nothing more than hard copper (water) pipe(maybe a foot long?), and a natural quartz crystal "point". But...
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    Mosquitoes hate me!

    Why is that? I can't really complain, but it has been like that all my life. Last weekend we were up in the mountains, and my daughter came home with about a dozen mosquito bites. I had none. She was wearing jeans, I was wearing shorts. She even had bites on her legs, so obviously they were...
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    Medical National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine

    Does anyone know anything about this forum/convention? My kid is interested in bio engineering, and has been invited to attend the forum. She wants to know if this is a good investment of time and money to attend. I think she needs a mentor, but she claims she can't have one through school...
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    Cranial Sacral

    Does anyone here get it? I have a friend that likes to give me free cranial sacral, and it "helps me so much." (her words, not mine :rolleyes:) Does anyone here get it, and have you had any benefit from it? Know anyone that has? I just don't understand it. I'd prefer a massage.....
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    Any bassoonists here?

    I need to buy a bassoon for my daughter, and don't want to spend a lot since she is a child. She is tired of the school provided plastic bassoon, so wants to see if she can find a decent maple one so that she can practice at home. So I am stuck with ebay....:eek: My question to any one out...
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    Radar? Sonar? Solve A Mystery Please!

    I have a strange mystery. My house sings! I am wondering if anyone can take a guess at what could cause this. I have occasional insomnia, which leaves me lying there in bed in the wee hours of the night when it is dead silent. Well, this morning was one of those. I woke up around 1:00 am...
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    For fun! Where in the world would you live?

    If given an opportunity to live in any country of the world, where would you chose? And why? I am interested in hearing opinions about your favorite (dream?) living area, like government, education, cost of living, work opportunities, local people, climate, etc etc. If you are quite the...
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    China - Chi Haotian

    I had this article emailed to me, and I want to see if there are others here who have seen this "speech" to know if it is legit or not. I googled and found the entire article on a website, and I will post the link to the website instead of copying and pasting the entire article as it is long...
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    Science and art

    Is there a way for a kid to blend physics and art into a career? She can't make up her mind which way to go, so I thought I would see if there are any suggestions out there that use both.
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    Questions on neutrinos

    Sorry, I am just a newbie here, but I hope I can ask some basic questions about neutrinos that I haven't been able to find in books? My first question for starters....... then I will see how it goes. If science has only been able to detect a few neutrinos, how do we know for certain that...
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    Gravity anomaly?

    Gravity anomaly??? I just found this article (" [Broken]), and found it incredibly interesting and wanted to share, and hear others inputs? I understand everything will be speculation, but I would like to know what you folks...
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    Shooting down satelite

    If this happens, will this be easily visible? Also, does anyone know of a website or something that will announce when it is going to happen? I would love to be able to be outside watching if it is going to be visible. Well, assuming my skies will be clear enough to see anything at all...