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    Algebra Which book to buy to learn all these? (LCM, GCF)

    LCM of Numbers Fractions Rational expressions GCF of Numbers Fractions Rational expressions
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    Intro Math Are there any good math books with logarithm basics?

    I have a couple of college algebra textbooks , but none has some proper intro to logarithm basics . I like to keep a book for logarithm alone , i see some online PDF's on logarithm , but all are sort of messed up . Please help
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    B I have few math questions...

    OK , I have three questions I was a computer science student , so i am a bit confused about some terms . What is a variable x ? x is a quantity x is binary x is a point mass object x is digital logic x is electrons The other is when you try to find the "pairs of factors" of a number . You...
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    Looking for practice problems for algebra

    Can someone recommend me some books that have practice problems for algebra with answers ?
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    B What are the different methods of factoring polynomials?

    Methods of factoring . Method of common factors Factorization by regrouping terms Factorization using identities Factors of the form ( x + a) ( x + b) Factor by Splitting Is this all the factoring methods out there ? Or are there more ? I am also looking for a book with lots of...
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    Factoring rational equations -- looking for worked out practice problems

    Where can i find some worked out practice problems ?
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    I What are partial differential equations?

    If the slope of the curve (derivative) at a given point is a number .
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    I Some questions from a numerical analysis book Are all these called root finding algorithms? All of it ? <Moderator note: Link changed because of undetermined copyright situation. fresh_42>
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    B Need materials to learn about different types of fractions

    I wish i had one book or pdf to learn about different types of fractions . Please help
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    Looking for some order to learn algebra

    i have some confusions with some terms ,especially terms like simplify , solve . Factors ,GCF ,LCM Should i start learning it like this ? Simplify fraction Simplify Algebraic expression Simplify Algebraic fractions Solve Algebraic equations ?
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    B Some doubts about functions... (changing the independent variable from time to position)

    Functions are pretty simple things , they just express a relationship between two different quantities How do i express this function in terms of y(x) = something ?
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    B Some doubts about these differentiation steps

    First of all there is an equation Then there is the derivative Then there is a point slope formula to find the equation of the tangent line Point slope formula to obtain the tangent line . y=3a2(x-a)+a3 Then Plug in the x coordinate into the derivative to get the slope f'(1) = 3(1)2 f'(1) = 3...
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    B Some questions about trigonometry

    Does these two picture cover everything about trigonometry ? Is anything important missing ?
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    B What is factoring?

    If you write a polynomial as the product of two or more polynomials, you have factored the polynomial. Here is an example: how do i factor a polynomial ? can somebody explain this step in detail ?
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    B Factoring a number and prime numbers?

    A number can be factored into a product of its component factors A number can be factored into a product of its prime . But, What exactly is a prime number ? Prime numbers are numbers greater than 1 that are evenly divisible only by themselves and 1 Is it a number that can only be evenly...
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    B A question about Greatest common factor (GCF) ?

    When we try to find the Greatest common factor (GCF) of two numbers , does it only involve prime factorization ? :nb)
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    B What is a good book to learn about elementary mathematics?

    you know all the things that you are supposed to study before algebra . any good book suggestions ? :nb)
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    I The algorithms involved in finding a solution with numerical methods

    what are all the algorithms involved in finding a solution with numerical methods ?
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    I Few more numerical methods question...?

    i have few more doubts about these two numerical methods type questions ... An equation containing the derivatives of one or more dependent variables, with respect to one or more independent variables, is said to be a differential equation a question usually starts like this ... find the...
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    Calculus First order differential equations ?

    what is a good book to learn first order differential equations ??
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    I First order differential equations ?

    what is a good book to learn first order differential equations ??
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    I Differential equations and numerical methods questions

    i have few doubts about differential equations and numerical methods ... in a differential equation question ... you are given an instantaneous rate of change... and you are supposed to find the function that gives , this instantaneous rate of change is this same as ... f(0)=1...
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    I Few maths questions ..?

    i have been trying to learn maths from some basics .. because i had to do programming related to maths which was in my college syllabus ... i have been trying to narrow it down .. because we lacked proper texts and materials to learn it properly ... the whole thing sort of looked a bit like...
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    I Question ,trigonometric identities equation and functions ?

    what is the difference between trigonometric identities , equations and functions ...? is it possible to apply some numerical method on a trigonometric function ?? i was looking for an example where numerical methods could be applied on a trigonometric function ... i am not sure what you...
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    B A few differential equation questions

    i was trying to learn differential equations ... i was lucky enough to find some good explanations for calculus and differential equations ... Mod note: unrelated image now deleted differential equations in this equation which is the dependent variables and which one is the independent...
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    B Few basic questions about differential equations...

    i have a few questions to ask about differential equations ... how many types of differential equations are there ... ? sometimes i like to make up themes for my studies ... few funny things went through my head ...when i saw this thread ,How is it that mathematics describe reality so well...
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    B In trigonometry, what is the period of a wave?

    what does the period of a wave , in trigonometry ... depend on ? does it depend on the ratio of the length of the sides of the right angled triangle like this ? does it depend on the angle ?? what are all the values you need to plot a graph like this ? ??
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    B Few basic trigonometry questions ?

    (the x , after the sin is the representation of angle in theta) and it also means ( opposite side length/ hypotenuse side length ) how are these things related ? i mean the angle in theta , the opposite side length / hypotenuse side length ... ??
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    B Some help with trigonometry in general...

    i was trying to learn some trigonometry from some basics ... after understanding terms like , f(x) = sin x , and y = sin x ... i was also getting sort of comfortable with the notations of functions ... i was also wondering , where to improve from here ... ? any good books , sites ...
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    Few questions about graphing...

    I have a few doubts about graphs ... and how variables of an equation or expression are going to look like on a graph .... ? are they only going to look like single points in graph ?? when we deal with the variable x .. do we deal it as an object ?? I mean .. most of the basic questions are...