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    Fall schedule.

    Is Calc three, physics 2, digital logic and circuit analysis to much just starting at a new school? Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.
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    My class schedule, question about Circuit Analysis

    Calculus 3 Physics 2 US History and the World Circuit Analysis I seen my friends struggle in Calculus 3, only to realize it was because of a poor foundation in the previous Calcs. They said Physics 2 was harder than 1 but more enjoyable in the lab. The history class is what i expect from...
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    Divisibility in the Integers. Intro to Analysis

    Homework Statement Prove: If a|b and b|c then a|c. Assume a, b and c are integers. Homework Equations none The Attempt at a Solution If a divides b then that means that there is a real integer "r" that is ra=b . and since we assume b divides c then c=bs. After...
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    Is this series convergent or divergent

    Homework Statement Me and my friend are debating on wether the follow seris is convergent or divergent. The seris is the sum of (-1)^n-1 * ln(n)/n. Homework Equations p test and comparision tests. And alternating series test The Attempt at a Solution My approach to this problem...
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    Quick Question, just want to know if these are equalivant

    Ive solved an indefinite integral and the answer is this ln(x^2+x-2) My question is: ln(x^2+x-2) = ln (x-1) +ln( x +2 ) Or are they different?
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    Find the Indefinate Intregral

    Homework Statement integrate cos ^3(πx-1) Homework Equations 1-sin^2(πx-1) = cos ^2 (πx-1) The Attempt at a Solution (1-sin^2(πx-1))cos(πx-1) Let u = πx-1 1/ πdu = dx 1-sin^2(u )cos (u) 1/ π(X-1/3sin^3(u) Basically I'm Confused on how to get past the trig identity part.
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    Comp Sci Mulitplication Table in C++ with Loops

    I have to write a program in c++ that can be repeated as many times as needed. It should ask for a number to multply like Enter a number to multply: 5 output is this 1 x 5=5 2 x 5=10 3 x 5=15 4 x 5 =20 5 x 5 =25 Enter a number to multiply : 8 1 x 5=5 2 x 5=10 3 x 5=15 4 x...
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    Elevator Problem For General College Physics

    Homework Statement A 220 lb man stands on a scale in an elevator. What does the scale read when the elevator accelerates upward at 1.6 m/s^2? What does it read when accelerating downward at the same rate Homework Equations F=ma, w=mg, The Attempt at a Solution m=w/g 220/9.81 =...