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    I Determining H value from scalefactor

    Your resulting equation for a-dot makes no sense dimensionally.
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    I Do Event Horizons always contain a singularity?

    I don't think the rindler horizon is associated with any singularity either.
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    A A 6th force of nature?

    Evidently so. Incidentally this H.-C. Zhang does appear to be the lead author in the article's reference 18 (Opt. Commun. 282, 3278–3281 (2009) ), also using rubidium atoms.
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    A A 6th force of nature?

    I'm a bit surprised there hasn't been more reaction to this paper, if only to refute it. As far as I can see, Zhang carried out an experiment suggested in the literature, but the results appear to conflict with other investigations of the chameleon field, which found nothing in (I think) the...