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    Electric resistence

    Assuming it's the same lattice vibration you are talking in the FAQ section: Is there a relation between the electrical and optical resistance for a given material? Does the electric resistance change if the material is placed under light? Is there a way to experimentally see the lattice...
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    Electric resistence

    What causes electric resistance for a material (in terms of molecular or atomic level)? Also, it should be possible to derive the resistance of a material by it's atomic/molecular properties theoretically, right? (without using voltage and current).
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    What is Voltage?

    Did not understand the double voltage concept. There must be something incorrect in my understanding. Cannot figure out what. Zn1- Zn side of first battery Mn1 - Mn side of first battery ///ly, for the second battery. Let the connection be as follows: Zn1: Mn1 - Zn2: Mn2 Zn1 is...
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    What is Voltage?

    Can I assume the -ve and +ve side chemicals should be separated by insulated walls? If the water is pure, is there need to separate it? Also, there will be an electric current even if the + side is unconnected, as long as we create a path for the electrons to discharge, right?
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    Brain electric pulses

    The senses in our body sends electric pulses to the brain. Once it reaches the brain, what happens to the pulse (in the context of conservation of energy)?
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    Electric charges in brain

    As far as I know, the brain generates electric pulses to communicate. If a human being is electrically grounded, how could the charge flow or get created in his brain? A grounded man shold be brain dead :), right?