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    Amino acid loses a hydrogen

    Hi, I'm having a brain fart. Consider the amino acid glutamate (glutamic acid): -> When it forms an ionic bond with Na+ to make MSG, the glutamic acid loses it's hydrogen on the right side. Is it that it was "oxidized"? Or what do we call the process where it loses the hydrogen...
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    French claim first habitable planet found

    Hey all, I saw this this (..) morning. :) [Broken] 20 light years away, can have water and an atmosphere. What do you guys think? Is this a legit claim? (I hope this isn't old news that's been posting days...
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    The general public is scientifically illiterate!

    I read the tech blog Gizmodo. They recently posted a story about Stephen Hawking. Read through the comments: It is amazing how many people have no concept of science. Nobody seems to even have a concept of what a theory or law...
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    Does making ice take energy?

    Hi guys, Very long time, no see! Quick question: if water is left outside and freezes, was any energy consumed in the freezing process? And if so, would this energy be stored in the ice and be released when it melts? My gut is telling me that no energy is needed to freeze water...
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    ObjC: Initializing a Class Object

    Hello everyone; I've been reading a document over on Apple's Developer website, called "The Object-C Language." I'm reading about classes, and there is a part called "Initializing a Class Object" and it gives an example of how to implement an initialize method for a class: + (void)...
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    C/++/# Mac development w/ XCode and C#

    Hey guys.. I wanted to tool around in developing some very simple, basic programs for my Mac using Apple's XCode and C#. I have a little backgrouund in computer programming. I unfortunately learned via Pascal, but did pascal for at least six years and then moved on to Delphi. I even...
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    Weird router problems

    Hey guys; I'm experiencing a really weird problem with my router.. First, my setup: I'm living in the Caribbean so I have to use a goofy ISP. We have a PPPoE DSL connection to them. I then have a Linksys Broadband Firewall Router hooked up to the DSL box, then I have a Linksys Wireless...
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    Cholesterol increases membrane fluidity

    Hello there; In class we learn that "cholesterol increases membrane fluidity at low temperatures, and decreases membrane fluidity at high temperatures." I can see how it would increase fluidity at low temperatures since it attachs to the lipid tails of the membrane, which would push them...
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    Dieting and metabolism

    Hey guys; I've always heard things similar to that instead of eating three meals a day, you should spread the same amount of food over say five meals a day. Eat smaller portions, but more often. I don't understand why (if) this works. If you keep eating small amounts all day long, you...
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    Biochemistry pathologies ?

    Biochemistry pathologies.. ?? Hey guys.. I'm trying to set straight in my mind the basic pathologies relating to sugar in the human. Mainly, the various types of diabetes and hypo/hyperglycemia. We covered the basics in my biochemistry class, but we did it all so fast that I got lost...
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    Global warming true or no?

    Hey there.. My pops read a book by Michael Crichton or someone like that that basically says global warming is not occuring. Every science magazine I read continually talks about global warming and shows how physicsists, climatologists, etc, are all working on ways to help remove CO2 from...
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    Dispute between Dawkins and Gould

    Hey guys What was, in effect, the main dispute between Dawkins and Gould? Thank you Aychamo
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    For anyone familiar with NYC and has seen Mr. Deeds

    For anyone familiar with NYC and has seen "Mr. Deeds" Hey guys.. There is a pub in NYC called "Abbey Pub", it's at 237 W. 105th street. There is a scene in Adam Sandler's "Mr. Deeds" where Winona Ryder is depressed and goes into a pub in NYC to have a few drinks. Does anyone know if the...
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    Places to see in the UK

    Hey guys We are making a trip to the UK later this Summer, and I'm trying to get a list of places worth seeing. So far I have: - White Cliffs of Dover - Westminster Abbey (among the people buried there, I want to see Darwin's grave, Newton's grave, and Shakespear's grave) - Stonehenge...
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    How to format hard drive/reinstall WinXP

    Hey guys My buddy has a Dell laptop. We are trying to format his hard drive and reinstall Windows. What is the best way to do this? I tried format c: in a dos box, but obviously it wouldn't let that go because Windows was still loaded on top. What do you suggest? Thank you
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    Cell Phone in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    Hey guys For those who have seen HHGG, that sweet white Nokia cellphone that Arthur Dent has, does it exist? If so, does anyone know the model #? Thank you Aychamo
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    Any photoshop gurus?

    Hey guys; I need a little bit of help. In January I went on a trip to Nicaragua to help with surgery for the people down there who can't afford surgery. Really a great thing we have going down there. Anyway, I got this picture with me and a monkey, but the color in it is horrible. I...
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    Warp drive, then where are we?

    Hey guys; Say that yesterday someone invented a warp drive, that would allow you to shoot across our galaxy in an instant. Say we went up in space today and used it. When you appeared at what you would think would be the other side of the galaxy, how would you know where you are? My...
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    Going back in time ?

    Going back in time.. ?? Is it ok to say that humans never figure out how to go backwards in time because of the fact that we have never had a visitor from the future?
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    Web services to eliminate the OS?

    Hello there; A recent idea that some are talking about (a lot of slashdot), is that some software companies (ie, Google, Mozilla) will start to make what used to be applications become web services. For example, instead of loading MS Word on your PC, you would go to a website that has...
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    Rack mounted RAID5 for ~ 1 TB storage

    Hey guys What do you think would be the best solution for setting up a rack mounted RAID5 for ~ 1 TB of storage What I'm thinking is a rack mounted computer case with a precent decent computer in it with gigabit ethernet. I'd like to have the computer with it's storage as a stand alone...
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    Linksys USB NAS

    Hey guys; I'm interested in getting this: Linksys NSLU2 @ NewEgg or [Broken] Does anyone have any experience with it? I currently have an old computer with two USB drives attached that I use for NAS, but it's a power...
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    Why must Microsoft do this?

    Why are people suing Microsoft over their included software? Like this slashdot article: Why are people/countries/whatever allowed to sue Microsoft and make them not include certain software with their OS? Why is it the Media...
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    Influx of calcium ions in axon terminals question

    Hey guys I've a quick question. As an action potential propogates down an axon, as it reaches the end of an axon it causes calcium influx into the terminal end of the axon. This calcium helps the vesicles move towards the pre-synaptic membrane so that they can release neurotransmitters. My...
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    Max OS X Software Development

    So.. I recently ordered a iBook with OS X. I might be making that switch to "the dark side." I really don't know much about the OS, other than that it's built on a unix platform. May I ask what software I can download to start developing (small, useless) applications for the Mac?
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    How do you know you felt love?

    As I am going through a very difficult break up right now, I find that I am frequently thinking of this concept we call love. Love is defined as "A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive...
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    Simple light questions

    Hey guys! I have some very basic questioins about light .. What exactly produces light? I know an incadescent light bulb has a filament that is basically a resistor that heats up, but why does it give off light? What is it that makes it put out the light? So that leads to the...
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    Good online explanation of OOP?

    Hey guys Does anyone know of an excellent online source that can explain the basics of OOP? I grew up not using OOP, just using the normal style of programming (and its' name escapes me now). You know, just line by line, ahh, yes, sequential. I understand the very extreme basics, like...
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    Gas powered fan to go fast

    Hey guys; When I was really young, I saw on a TV a guy who had a gas-powered fan mounted on to his back, and he could ontrol the throttle with somethin in his hand. He got on rollerblades and could zoom around a track at pretty decent speeds (30+ mph). There was no stopping mechanism...
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    Evolution of small populations

    Hey guys I have some small questions on evolution. Or what would be the driving factor, or whatever. Take a population of individuals, that say lived in the mountains in high altitude for thousands of years, and they tend to be shorter with more barrel-shaped chests so that they are...