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    Angle of a Complex Number

    Hi all. Suppose I am looking for the following quantity: \sphericalangle cn, where cn = \frac{sin(\frac{nπ}{2})}{nπ}. cn is a complex number. According to the book, "Signals and Systems" by Edward Kamen 2nd. Ed., \sphericalangle cn = π for n = 3, 7, 11 ... , and cn = 0, for all other n. The...
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    Laplace Transform of a Product

    I am given a function f(t) with it's corresponding Laplace Transform in the Frequency Domain (F(s)). I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the product of say, L{cos(t)*f(t)}. The * is multiplication and not convolution. Must I do the integration for the Laplace transform by hand...
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    Fourier Transform - Completely Flustered About Recursive FFT

    Fourier Transform -- Completely Flustered About Recursive FFT Hi all. I have been banging my head about this problem for the last week and a half-- Fourier Transform. Some background about me: I am a rising Junior at an accredited university majoring in Computer Engineering & Computer...
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    Minimization of a Multi Output Circuit

    Hi all. I have a 4 input circuit (ABCD). I have 7 outputs that accompany this circuit. Now, I have tools (like Karnaugh maps) to solve for Standard Sum of Products (or Product of Sum) form for individual outputs. I have the minimum of each output based on the Karnaugh map. However, I want...
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    Engineering KVL / KCL (Circuit Analysis)

    Homework Statement Basically, find Vab [PLAIN] [Broken] Is this correct -- note: please tell me that my methodology is sound; DO NOT GIVE ME A NUMERICAL ANSWER. The problem asks for VAB. What's weird to me is that there is a potential across...
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    Machine Architecture vs. Microarchitecture?

    Hi. I'm trying to decipher the differences between the machine architecture and microarchitecture. I believe Machine Architecture is: The ISA (such as x86) Von Neumann Model for Computing? and I believe the Micro Architecture is: Specific implementation of some arbitrary ISA...
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    Is the implementation of the NAND gate unique?

    I am learning about the implementations of digital logic gates using n-type and p-type transistors. With the advent of these two transistors, isn't it possible to have more than one implementation of the NAND gate?
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    Programming: Where can I find an ASCII Table?

    Homework Statement I am given the binary equivalent of ASCII codes and I am asked to decode a particular binary message (ASCII binary to actual ASCII character). I am required to write it in C. Where can I get a text file of the ASCII code so I may create a look up table? I googled...
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    Resources on Electronic Packaging

    Hi, I will be volunteering my time helping my professor in the realm of "electronic packaging." There doesn't seem to be a lot of straightforward tutorials on electronic packaging, could anyone guide me with the proper resources so I can take a look? Thanks Carlo
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    PNP Transistor - Amateur Question

    I understand that when we apply voltage to the Base of the PNP Transistor (Emitter, Base, Collector), we actually block current from passing from Emitter to Current. If there is no voltage applied to base, then current flows freely. If this is the case..... how come when I wire the...
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    Discrete Math; Subsets

    Homework Statement Let their be a set A, and let B be the set: {A, {A}} (the set containing the elements A and the set that contains element A) As you know, A is an element of B and {A} is also an element of B. Also, {A} is a subset of B and {{A}} is also a subset of B. However...
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    Rotational Motion & Energy Equation (Intro Physics)

    Homework Statement [PLAIN] [Broken] Homework Equations Energy Equation The Attempt at a Solution As shown in the scan. Is this the correct approach? I have a feeling that the velocity, v, needs to be used. I used the Energy Equation for this...
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    Amplitude and Perceived Loudness

    Hi. If amplitude is doubled, is perceived loudness necessary doubled? If I recall correctly, we hear things on a logarithmic scale.
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    Identifying Spectator Ions

    Homework Statement 2KMnO4 (aq) + 10FeSO4 + 8H2SO4 --> K2SO4 (aq) + 2MnO4 (aq) + 5Fe2SO4 (aq) + 8H2O (aq) Homework Equations Spectator ions don't participate in the reaction. The Attempt at a Solution What gives? Is my professor bent on making our lives miserable? The answer...
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    Balancing Chemical Equations Using Oxidation Numbers

    Homework Statement [Broken] The Attempt at a Solution I'm stuck. Usually I balance the equation by multiplying the Fe(OH)2 and Fe2O3 by 3. However, I can no longer do this because Fe2O3 has two iron's per one molecule. Do I multiply one by...
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    Average Rate Problem

    Homework Statement Support you wish to average 40 mph on a trip and find that when you are half the distance to your distance to your destination you have averaged 30 mph. How fast should you travel in the remaining half of the trip to attain an overall average of 40 mph? Homework...
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    Midpoint in 3 Dimensions Question (EASY)

    Homework Statement [Broken] My question is: Why can't we use a scalar multiple like (3/8) PQ instead of using the midpoint formula twice (to get 3/8) ?
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    Net Ionic Equation(s) - General Chem

    Homework Statement [Broken] The Attempt at a Solution The attempt is in the image. HOW IS THIS WRONG?!?! I've looked at it for hours now!
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    Total Mols of Ions

    Homework Statement How many total moles of ions are released when the following sample dissolves completely in water? 2.63 g of CuSO4 * 5H2O Homework Equations 159.611 g / mol of CuSO4 The Attempt at a Solution I tried doing 2.63 g / [159.611 g / mol] to get .016477 mol of...
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    Surface Area of Solid Cylinder

    Homework Statement A solid cylinder with a radius of 5.0 cm and a length of 10. cm is cut in half lengthwise. What is the surface area of one of the two resulting objects? Homework Equations SA = 2(pi)(r2) + L(pi)(r2) The Attempt at a Solution Is that the correct formula? If it...
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    Adding Concentrations

    Homework Statement [Broken] Homework Equations I tried using the formula: ( C1V1 + C2V2 ) / (V1 + V2) The Attempt at a Solution I keep on getting .0761 M. anything wrong with this? (YES I changed mL to L)
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    Linear Algebra Question - Two Planes

    Homework Statement [Broken] My question is: Isn't it possible for two planes to have one solution? Geometrically, what if their edges were touching and that was the extent of their intersection?
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    Trig Identity - Never Seen This Before

    Homework Statement [Broken] Homework Equations sin2 et + cos2 et = 1 The identity above is foreign to me. Can anyone explain/have external links that explains this identity? I haven't seen anything like it and Google isn't showing anything useful...
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    Finding (Theta) with arctan

    Homework Statement [Broken] ** Note: The above is from a PRACTICE question for my course. Homework Equations arctan x = (theta) The Attempt at a Solution So. (-3,6) is in Quadrant 2. To solve for this angle we use: (pi) + arctan (-6/2)...
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    Density (d = m / v)

    Nevermind. I figured it out. can you delete this?
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    Significant Figures homework help

    Homework Statement (5.25 * 104) / (100 + 10.5) Homework Equations Significant Figures Rule The Attempt at a Solution The answer in the book states 500 (which has 1 or 2 significant figures). In my first step, I did the addition first in the denominator (100 + 10.5). Adhering to...
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    Infinite Series - Finding the 10th derivative

    Homework Statement Let T(x) = \sum^{\infty}_{k=0} \frac{1}{2^k} \frac{(x-3)}{k!}k be the Taylor series for a function f. What is the value of f10(3), the tenth derivative of f at x = 3? The Attempt at a Solution I have a very small idea of actually starting this problem. Can I just...
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    Related Rates - Unsure about solution

    Homework Statement A Missile rises vertically from a point on the ground 75,000 feet from a radar station. If the missle is rising at the rate of 16,500 feet per minute at the instant when it is 38,000 feet high. What is the rate of change, in radians per minute, of the missile's angle of...
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    Integration for Volume Given Cross Sections

    Homework Statement The roof and walls of a storage building are built in the shape modeled by the curve y(x) = 20 - \frac{x^6}{3,200,000}. Each cross section cut perpendicular to the x-axis is a rectangle with a base of 50 feet and a height of y feet. In cubic feet the volume of the...
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    Infinite Series familiar function

    Homework Statement Let f(x) be a function with the following properties. i. f(0) = 1 ii. For all integers n \geq 0, the 0, the nth derivative, f (n)(x) = (-1)nanf(x), where a > 0 and a \neq 1. a.) Write the first four non-zero terms of the power series of f(x) centered at zero, in...