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    Get system username when opening MS Access

    I figured it out. I used VBA to submit a SQL command since there seems to be more help for SQL than there is for VBA. I created a macro with the script below and then call it ON LOAD. Thanks for the help! Function Run_Log() Dim mySQL As String Dim Name As String Name =...
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    Get system username when opening MS Access

    thanks, i think i just need to figure out how to add a record to a table and set the value to environ("username")
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    Get system username when opening MS Access

    We have a shared 2007 MS Access DB here at work and I would like to run a script that runs everytime someone opens the file. I would like the VBA script to get the user's username and append a log table with that info and with the date and time. I tried looking this up have only found uses for...
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    Tagging a Category in HTML

    All, i'm creating a website for my wife and i'd like to be able to make updates while at work. unfortunately our filters here won't let the site come through because of the category settings. For example, if i were to try and go to the texas lotto page, our filters would block it because the...