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    Decision between electives

    Hi all, I'm a ME graduate student concentrating in fluids and I'm trying to decide between two electives. The two I'm looking at are Nonlinear Control Systems or Advanced Heat Transfer. Nonlinear controls looks interesting, but I'm not sure how it could tie in with opposed to heat...
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    Solving this "simple" PDE

    Hi guys, I've distilled the 3D Diffusion Equation into the following PDE using Fourier spectral techniques: ∂C(m,n,p,t)/∂t + k(p^2+m^2+n^2)C(m,n,p,t)=0, where C is the Fourier coefficient of the 3D Fourier transform, {m,n,p} are the spatial frequencies, and t is time. I've tried using a...
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    MATLAB 3D Diffusion Equation in MATLAB

    Hi guys, I have functioning MATLAB code for my solution of the 3D Diffusion equation (using a 3D Fourier transform and Crank-Nicolsen) that runs just from the command window and automatically plots the results. However, it seems like my solution just decays to zero regardless of what initial...