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    Transfer of Heat Question

    If the translational rms speed of the water vapor molecules (H2O) in air is 676 m/s, what is the translational rms speed of the carbon dioxide molecules (CO2) in the same air? Both gases are at the same temperature. So what I have so far... VrmsH20 = squareroot of 3RT/mCO2 VrmsCO2 =...
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    Calculus Problem?

    Calculus Problem?? Suppose that we have a ladder 20feet long, leaning against a wall. Let x be the distance from the wall to the bottom of the ladder and y be the distance from the ground to the top of the ladder. a. What will be the value of dy/dt when the top of the ladder hits the...
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    Rotational Dynamics Questions

    I have a couple questions could someone help? I tried everything and I just don't understand what's going on. Thank you sooo.... much! :D 1)A cylinder is rotating about an axis that passes through the center of each circular end piece. The cylinder has a radius of 0.0600 m, an angular speed...