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    Learning a new language: the best way to go about it?

    I'm interested in learning a new language. Not sure which one though but, im learning towards relearning italian. i used to be fluent (as fluent as a five year old gets) when i was younger. my father, his mother and his sister lived in my house with my father, my mother and i. they all would...
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    Im still young and dumb.

    i applied for an auto loan at and was approved. can anyone take a quick look and tell me if going through with it here is a bad choice?
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    Cars: questions, opinions and maybe some answers.

    I'm leaving it to me to start a thread on cars, I hope I put it in the correct part of the forum. None the less, I'll start with a point than I'll start to ask a few questions and expect some opinions and answers. I can't drive automatic. No, it's not a type or a joke, I just can't do it. I...
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    Medical Male hormonal period?

    someone told me about something along the lines of a male hormonal period. we go through through the same type of depression, etc... as girls? how accurate is this? because, i do notice every so often, for no reason at all i get somewhat depressed and cant control it.
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    How would i set this up?

    Homework Statement "Two angles are supplementary. One angle is 2 degrees less than three times the other. What are the measure of the two angles?" Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution 3x-2=180 ? I'm not good with word problems.
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    Teaching your self calculus?

    with a strong foundation in algebra (1&2), would i be able to get a calculus book, read through it and begin to understand the concepts? ill be in precalculus this spring, but the curriculum at my institution isnt that complex. some trig and algebraic gymnastics. i was actually able to do my...
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    Ipod -> computer

    i recently got a new mac and the majority of my music is still on my pc (which is fried) and ipod. is there any way to get my music off my ipod and onto my computer?
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    Calculus III & Differential Equations

    Can both of these classes be taken concurrently? I'm not sure but I think, at my community college, Calculus III is a prerequisite to Differential Equations but, a few friends from Rutgers and TCNJ have taken Differential Eq's before Calc 3. I guess it's different everywhere and I'm just...
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    Mathematica Maple or mathematica?

    i have 'little' experience with mathematica and no experience with maple. anyone have any information on maple?
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    Ring around the moon?

    did anyone else happen to notice it as well? I believe is was on the night of the 13th. It got more and more Intense as the night went on. Beautiful none the less! Anyone know why it happened? I used to remember the reason I thing but now I can't recall it. Oh. And I was in the central nj area.
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    Why do girl play these stupid games? (kind of long)

    okay, ill try to explain this situation a best as i can. so, i started talking to this girl. im not quite sure how it all started but i seemed cool so, i went with it. a cool thing (i thought so) was the fact that we hang out with a lot of the same crowd. so i got to see her often and see my...
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    Can i pull this off?

    *despite the current economic situation* im trying my hardest to transfer out in a year. definitely OUT of state, i reside in new jersey. i need a car and im quite dead set on a certain one. to be specific, a jazz blue 20th anniversary VW gti. but, the problem is the fact that i simply dont...
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    Mathematician vs applied mathematician

    whats the main differences and which one one would help get into grad school? im looking into pure math and quite possibly physics as well.
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    Too difficult of a semester?

    analytical physics 1 chemistry 1 biology 1 calculus 1 if anything else, maybe a psychology or something along those lines. but for a spring semester would this be too difficult?
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    Parabolas are fun

    now, this isnt required for my class but my professor thought it would be cool if anyone in our class could figure it out. now, im armed with a ti-nspire calculator and a macbook pro with this nifty grapher application and (despite my limit of knowledge in this field) no matter what i put in...
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    Quadratics, i was good until here.

    im going to try to make this as short and easy to follow as possible haha and im just warning, this is probably so simple that i cant even grasp it because im reading too deeply into it. okay, im working with these three points: A (0, 1) C (2, 6) D (3, 10) i worked them into three...
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    Breaking up. (girls) i need help

    there is no good way to do this but, im in a situation where i think i need to leave it... okay, its been just over a year and it just doesnt feel right. i dont love her, she doesnt love me. at least she never said it and at this point if she did, id be quite freaked out. it feels the as...
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    Mathematica I dont quite understand the mathematica language. linear equations

    how would i get it to solve linear equations and linear systems, especially in the form; y=ax+b my professor and i found out that it likes brackets " [ . . . ] " and double equal signs " == " i know its probably painfully obvious but any input would be tremendous!
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    Algebra 2 - residual^2 or something ?

    i have a function y=f(x) with three points; A (1, 40) B (3, 80) C (5, 90) the x model represents days. and the y model represents failed parts on an assembly line. the question is: how many failed parts will have been identified 1 week from now? I have no problem with doing the...
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    Algebra 2 help

    Homework Statement having a little bit of trouble. some of the information is new to me. ill point out because im copying this down from my notes. let A & B define some linear function, y=f(x). A = (1, 2), B = (6, 6) C = (x, y), D = (x, y) let (x, y) represent some arbitrary points...
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    From pc to mac!

    yes, i just got a nice new macbook pro... how do i get all my music, important files, pics, etc from my pc to my mac?! lol sorry i came here to ask but any info would be great !
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    Undergraduate physics

    im not asking for the top ten but for a decent list of mid-level schools. im planning on grad school so i want to have a good amount of REU's completed.
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    Narrowing down my choices for transferring

    Okay. . .I want to see what my options are. I want to major in Mathematics (pure) and Physics. If I only stay one year I'll have Calculus 1 and maybe Calculus 2 under my belt, thats as far as math goes. I don't even think I'll have any Physics taken care of but after just one year my gpa will...
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    Algebra 2 + PreCalc (trig?)

    I just finished algebra 1 over this summer, pathetic I know. It's the price I gotta pay for messing up in high school and taking two years off afterwards. I start Algebra 2 in the fall and I'm going to take PreCalc over winter break. Does anyone recommend any books or materials I can use to...
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    Physics Vs. Applied Physics.

    What would look better when applying to grad school for something along the lines of Astronomy/Astrophysics.
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    Programs Most probable double major/minor

    I'm currently in community college double majoring in Physics and Mathematics. When I transfer out I want to major in Astrophysics or Astronomy, pending on the program and what schools actually accept me. I was just curious on what type of combinations with double majoring and minors would...
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    Speed of light

    would the speed of light be attainable in a place where light doesn't exist?
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    More astronomy program questions

    Does anyone happen to know anything about the Rutgers Astronomy/Astrophysics and, or the James Madison U. Astronomy program? This is speaking in terms of their undergraduate program, I'll be in California for grad school. I'll be visiting JMU and Virginia Tech this weekend with my...
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    Schools I'm in community college at the moment taking math courses

    I'm in community college at the moment. I'm sure a few of you have witnessed me make a fool of my self goofing-off on the forums not so long ago. But, I'm curious as to what comes... next? As far as math is concerned, that is. After looking through the booklet with the course selections and...
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    Mars - this is how it went down. (just for fun/argument sake)

    I'm probably going to get flamed hard for this but, I just want to see what type of reaction I'd get. BUT, in leu of recent events regarding Mars, I thought I'd start this fun little thread. In my completely uneducated, far-out opinion: Mars possessed life in the past. Some eon's ago...