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    Find tension in three ropes suspending same mass

    A bird feeder is hanging off of a branch by 3 ropes. Rope1 and Rope2 are tied to the branch and both conect to rope3. Rope3 is conected to the birdfeeder. Rope 1 is 60 degrees of the branch and rope2 is 30 degrees. Symbolicly find the tensions of all of the ropes. We know that the tension...
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    The Trace Theorem?

    I am only in Calc I, and i am going to go to a math seminar on Trace theorem tommorow. And i was curious in simple terms, what it is and what it is used for. Thanks, Steven
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    Newton's laws of motion help

    The problem was pretty simple i thought, but according to the book i get the wrong answer. I think i might be approching the problem wrong. "In the drawing, the weight of the block on the table(block1) is 422N and that of the hanging block(block2) is 185N. Ignoring all frictional effects and...
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    Education question

    I am a freshman in college right now. I am going to pursue a physics major. Possibly major in astronomy and physics. I was curious if it would be possible to get a masters in aerospace engineering if I had a gotten a major in physics. Any help in this topic would be greatly appriciated. Thanks...