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  1. harsh22902

    Mutual Inductance between a coil and a long straight wire

    In the given question they have not provided the dimensions of the coil so I assumed it to be very close to the wire and having negligible dimensions compared to the wire . Then EMF induced in the coil due to the current in the wire comes out as M*a . Which when divided by resistance gives...
  2. harsh22902

    Vernier Calipers problem

    My approach to this problem was pretty simple and straight. There is no zero error here. 8 divisions of VS(Vernier scale)= 5 divisions on MS (Main Scale) hence 1 VS division = 5/8 mm . Now , MSR = 35 mm ( as zero of VS lies to the left of 36) Least count = 1mm - 5/8 mm = 3/8 mm Given in...
  3. harsh22902

    Surface Tension and Capillary Rise

    According to this definition I am unable to understand why does surface tension acts tangentially to surface of contact of liquid and capillary tube. And is the force of surface tension balancing the adhesive forces which lead to capillary rise OR it is the reason behind the capillary rise?
  4. harsh22902

    Constancy of flux

    This is an excerpt from a high school physics textbook. I don't understand the possible reason behind this statement. If we change something in the circuit say for example add a resistor , the current and hence the flux should change. Then why/how is this statement true?
  5. harsh22902

    Force due to induced charges

    Could'nt solve it