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    Programs Do you actually have to work for 15 hours a day to get an engineering degree?

    I was talking to a girl I know who's an engineering major (I was think about becoming one), and she said that she has class from 9:00 - 12:30 every day, and then spends the rest of her time, up until about midnight, doing homework. Except for Friday nights and possibly Saturdays. Is this true...
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    Integration help

    \int \frac{e^{\sqrt{x}}}{\sqrt{x}} It's in the substitution rule/symmetric function section of my book, so I figure I probably have to use one of those techniques to solve it. I've tried doing a bunch of different u substitutions \sqrt{x}, e^{{\sqrt{x}}}, etc, but none of them seem right...
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    Why are finding slope and finding area inverse processes?

    I'm about one week into a Calc II course, and I realized that I have no idea why finding the area under the curve (integrating) would be the inverse operation of finding slope (differentiating). I get that they are opposites, but not why that should be the case... it's not at all intuitive. Is...