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    Solid-State Inclinometer

    Analog is usually pretty good about selling in small quantities. I bet you could save a few bucks by getting them from Analog instead of digikey. Here's and EDN article on accelerometers.
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    Why would a circuit have a zero ohm resistor (3 black bands) in it?

    Zero ohn resisitors are used as jumpers.
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    News Thank God for President Bush

    Well, the fact that Bush decided to use his Veterans Day speech to attack his opponents instead of going to the tomb of the unknowns is just stupid. Hmmm lets leave the wreath laying to the VP to make a partisan attack.
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    News Ohio 2005 vote [Broken] Penguion: From your source from the above link Prop 73: yes 44 47.4 no 56 52.6 difference 3% Prop 74: yes 46 45 no 54 55 difference 1% Prop 75: yes 52 46.6 no 47 53.4 difference 5% Prop 76: yes 34 38 no 66 62...
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    News New SC judge nominated

    You already can.
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    News Kansas votes to endorse ignorance

    Well, there are two forms of ID, young earth (8000 y/o AND the guiding hand) as well as old earth (just the guiding hand).
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    News Kansas votes to endorse ignorance

    False. The Catholic view is that God created everything (the big bang); however, evolution is not controlled by God. ID says something is guiding evolution.
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    News Kansas votes to endorse ignorance

    Because ID is NOT science while evolution IS. The scientific method (the thing that defines science) has the following steps: 1. Observation and description of a phenomenon or group of phenomena. 2. Formulation of an hypothesis to explain the phenomena. In physics, the hypothesis often...
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    News Kansas votes to endorse ignorance

    Ignorace does not constitute scientific exaggerations. Science has been able to postulate and prove many aspects of evolutionary theory. We---humans---can now trace specific genes from the most advanced creatures all the way back to bacteria. We have traced the progress of fishes to amphibians...
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    News Kansas votes to endorse ignorance

    Here, I'll quote myself as a retor: Quoting yourself does not make your belief more right. You made some claims---well, prove them.
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    News Bush favors torture

    McCain is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore! [Broken]
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    News They said it - Impeachment

    Well, we now have proof that the WH knew MONTHS before it started trumpeting the ties between Al-Queida and Saddam that those ties never existed. So, if the admin KNEW the intel was wrong and used it anyway is that not lying...
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    Bearing failure rating? Simple rev counter?

    Bearings have data sheets. The max RPM, load limits and expected failure life are quoted in said data sheets.
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    Toyota Prius hybrid car

    It's been like this for 100 years. Cars have had computers longer than homes.
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    Toyota Prius hybrid car

    Never built.
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    News Be a nice little commie

    Ahhh, now we make stuff up to support your position and then try to redirect the conversation to avoid addressing this lie. Burger did not commit treason. In fact, Rove/Libby did a worse thing by outing an agent---join the military and get a secret clearance(I've got mine still) and you'll learn...
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    News Be a nice little commie

    Wow, how quickly you changed your tune. You went from the food for oil scandle (businessmen) to directly charging Clinton and the UN for endangering lives. Again, you dodged the real issue. Bush and his ilk are hurting this country's ability to gather intelligence while ENDANGERING American...
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    News Be a nice little commie

    I wonder how many republicans and democrats(officials elected) were involved? Hmmmm. Nope, OUR government endangering its OWN agents is MUCH worse. We are sabotaging ourselves from the top down.
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    News Be a nice little commie

    LIBBY(and Rove) ENDANGERED LIVES!!! They endangered lives to hush a critic. They endangered lives to keep support for a needless war. LIBBY(and Rove) ENDANGERED LIVES!!! Now, you go ahead and list ALL of the democratic and republican scandals you know of and we'll see how many pale in...
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    News Be a nice little commie

    No, it's called a diversion. Bush and company are not doing too well. Poll numbers slipping. Republicans and Dems castigating Bush and his ilk. Libby going to trial with Rove and Cheney still on the burner. What's a republican to do? Oh I know, attack Hil and Bill. We ALL know Hil is the Dem...
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    News Why is the Rove/Plame issue important?

    Libby is going the Reagan route "I can't be expected to remember a series of conversations..." Why not, I tend to remember basic details of important conversations for years. [Broken] Andrew Sullivan has a good write up...
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    News We are witnessing the criminalization of conservative politics

    They criminalize themselves: [Broken]
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    News Why is the Rove/Plame issue important?

    Who told you this? What powers does he lack?
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    News Why is the Rove/Plame issue important?

    What's the big deal? She wasn't undercover---or was she? [Broken]
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    News The coming Miers mire

    Miers withdraws
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    Differential amp

    No file attached
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    News Arrest warrant issued for Tom Delay

    More money problems for DeLay... [Broken]
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    Bipolar transistor amplifier

    I'll admit I didn't bother doing any calcualtions so take this as a best hunch: With no input on the base you should have ~7.5V out. The transistor should probably be biased somewhere in the middle of the Q-point thus the CE current should induce about a 7.5V drop across the Collector resistor...
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    News Republican lies used to trick the public

    I'd say Bush's poll number decline is due to scandle (Rove, Libby) as well as Miers and the view that the US is doing poorly in Iraq. That same poll says: Bush has shown incompetence in selection as well as in action. People who were blinded by terrorism-Iraq-911 are now seeing Bush for who...
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    News Why is the Rove/Plame issue important?

    I didn't even think of that!! Too funny.