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  1. Debaa

    B Implicit differentiation or just explicit?

    How do I figure whether to do implicit differentiation or just explicit?? Thanks for the answer.
  2. Debaa

    B Asymptotic function

    What is an asymptotic function. How do you integrate it?
  3. Debaa

    B Is the derivative of a function everywhere the same on a given curve?

    Is the derivative of a function everywhere the same on a given curve? Or is it just for a infinitesimally small part of the curve? Thank you for the answer.
  4. Debaa

    B Observing a Wave function

    What exactly do you mean by observing a state/ collapsing wave function. What is observing? Is it seeing the particle? Hearing? Also how cautious do you have to be near a quantum computer so that you don't collapse its wave function?
  5. Debaa

    B Antimatter as fuel

    Will we be able to harness antimatter so precisely that we use it as fuel in the future? I mean this would mean a great deal in space travel! Thoughts?
  6. Debaa

    B Tachyons are bosons?

    Are tachyons force Particles/messenger particles ? Is so do they act messenger between two entangled particles and allow faster than light information exchange? Thank for the answer.
  7. Debaa

    B Does a particle have a conscience of its own?

    We know that when many particles are shot through the double slit they make an interference pattern. Also when a single particle passes through double slit it makes an interference pattern, ie one particle passing through two slits at once. But when we put a particle detector near the slits...