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    Finding components of a vector

    hello! please someone help me,:smile: here is my question. Find the components of d=(3,5,7) along the directions of u, v and w consider: u=1/3(2,2,-1) v=1/3(2,-1,2) w=1/3(-1,2,2) I don't know where to start, I need some ideas to solve this thanx:smile:
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    Proving an equation using Properties of Determinants

    Hello guys I've asked to prove following equation on determinants, here it is; Using the properties of determinants & without expanding prove that, see attachment, I need to verify my answer can some one tell me whether is this correct or not?:smile:
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    Sumation of symmetric and skew symmetri metrices

    Express \left(\begin{array}{cccc} 6 & 1 & 5\\ -2 & -5 & 4\\ -3 & 3 & -1\ end{array} \right) as the sum of the symmetric and skew symmetric matrices. I did this following way Consider symmetric metric as "A" then; A = \left(\begin{array}{cccc} 6 & 1 & 5\\ 1 & -5 & 4\\ 5 & 4 & -1\ \end{array}...
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    Proveing Perpendicular of two vectors by applying Pythagoras rule

    Given that a=(a1,a2,a3) and b=(b1,b2,b3) by applying the Pythagoras rule, Prove that a1b1+a2b2+a3b3=0 if a and b perpendicular The Scalar product a.b = |a||b|CosQ -------------(1) if two vectors are perpendicular; Q=90degrees then CosQ=0; from (1) a.b=0 (a1,a2,a3).(b1,b2,b3)=0...
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    Finding Potential Difference between two points homework

    R1 = 120ohms R2 = 820ohms R3 = 2200ohms E1 = 15v E2 = 9v What is the potential difference between points "B" and "C"? (I've attached the circuit diagram) Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Homework Statement Homework Equations...