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    Choose a design based on stress

    Can you explain which design offers more strength ?
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    Choose a design based on stress

    If your only criteria is yield stress, not deflection, neither fatigue life, nor weight or cost and not manufacturing. Then you are solely talking about Factor of Safety. In that case, design two will handle more accidental loads than design one, under the same requirements.
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    Trying to figure out the density of water?

    Try this chart, you might find a better one elsewhere: To solve the problem: What is the water density and, therefore, the water mass ? Can you now tell the combined mass ? What do you have to know to estimate the...
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    Strength of materials- simple truss problem

    Axial stress is generated by a force perpendicular to the cross section, what is the direction of P in the diagram ?
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    Help beam equation needed
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    Load Displacement to stress strain

    If you search for PVC, and read the material specs carefully, you may find data to compare with your results.