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    Debunk please [Broken] The primary author seems to have some pretty impressive scientific credentials (if Wikipedia is to be trusted). Anyone know anything about this?
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    Einstein smoked pot?

    Could you mean Shakespeare? Carl Sagan smoked marijuana... [Broken] -Glenn
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    Who am I?

    x/1 = x+1/x
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    Can you answer this unanswerable question?

    For clarify in your question, "Who made God?" please define what God is.
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    Does God Exists?

    The Mind of God Paul Davies Simon & Schuster 1992 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A book review by Danny Yee - © 1993 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Mind of...
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    Can you answer this?

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    Does God Exists?

    Physics has nothing to do with God and/or religion. It is not the job of science to prove or disprove the existence of God. Science cannot prove or disprove the existance of God. Science in general and physics in particular occupies itself especially with measurable things, with repeatable...