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    Would you put off graduating?

    I have two options right now and I would like to hear what you would do in this situation. I don't have any research experience to put on a grad school application. If I take the GRE this fall, I will just be starting QM, so I probably won't be able to solve many of the QM questions on the...
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    Physicist title

    "Physicist" title I'm not sure what section to post this in, so I guess this one will have to do. I was recently told by an engineer that they have the title "Engineer" with a bachelor degree. I have always assumed the title "Physicist" was reserved for someone with a phd. But that got me to...
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    Schools Joining the military to pay for college

    I can think of a couple other options. You could go part time instead of full time. Get a job and just take one or two classes a semester. If you need to go full time, I had a friend that was a male dancer in Texas. He would make around 300 dollars per night in Dallas or Shreveport LA. I'm not...
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    Amount of math in materials science/engineering?

    It might be different in Toronto, but at Cal Poly you have to take Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, and possibly Differential Equations. You normally have to complete college algebra before you can start the calculus series.
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    Post your Spring 2010 schedule!

    Couldn't tell you. I've been in college for 10 years and I'm just now a junior, haha.
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    Schools General HS/College Physics Questions

    Don't be worried if you can't take physics at your high school. You can always take an algebra based physics course your first year in college, then start the calculus series of physics. You should try to take all the math you can in high school. Most physics degree plans start with Calculus the...
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    Schools Grad school gpa

    I didn't know you worked with a research group. I was under the impression you worked alone or maybe with one other person. That's good to know. I am always willing to sit down and try to work through a paper. I haven't looked at one on QFT, but I have worked through some on relativity.
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    Schools First Year, College or University. Also a question about if Chemistry is needed

    Also, from what I've seen, most schools want one year of chemistry for a physics degree. But that will change from school to school.
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    Schools First Year, College or University. Also a question about if Chemistry is needed

    I'm not sure how it is in Canada, but I transferred from a junior college (community college) to a university in Texas, and then from the university in Texas to a university in California. The only problem you run into is loosing credit for classes. Some schools have different guidelines for...
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    Schools Grad school gpa

    I have taken plenty of non-physics courses. I had about 6 different majors over the 7 years I spent in junior college before I found physics. Most of my classes transferred as electives from my junior college. I'm not big on poetry - unless you count music lyrics as poetry. I am considering...
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    Schools Grad school gpa

    My cumulative gpa is around 3.2 and hopefully only going up. My physics gpa is about 3.6, but I still have about a year and a half of classes left - almost all physics. I don't think it will be too hard to find a grad school, it probably won't be MIT or CalTech though, lol. I was just curious...
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    Schools Grad school gpa

    Wouldn't a high score on the GRE (subject and general) make up for a low gpa?
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    Schools Grad school gpa

    So a 3.0 is the lowest your cumulative can be to have a chance at getting into grad school? What about physics gpa, or does that even matter?
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    Schools Grad school gpa

    In other words, what do grad schools look for most - a good overall gpa or a good field specific gpa?
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    Schools Grad school gpa

    Which do you think would be better for getting into a theoretical physics program: -- a 2.5 cumulative gpa with a 3.5 physics gpa or -- a 3.0 gpa, both cumulative and physics Also, if your gpa is around 3.0 (+- 0.2), what are your chances of actually getting into a phd program?
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    Programs What's the purpose of a minor?

    So a minor doesn't actually carry any weight... it is just additional information to help you?
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    Question About Pre Med

    I was recently checking into the med program for my brother... Check the requirements of the med school you plan to go to. Some require certain classes to apply. From what I've read, it is VERY competitive to get accepted. You should have a very good gpa. Also, the MCAT is mostly chemistry...
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    Programs What's the purpose of a minor?

    I am finishing my junior year as a physics major, and I've heard that alot of people get a minor in math or something like that. I plan to start grad school immediately after finishing my undergrad. My question is, what is the purpose of getting a minor? Does it look good on a grad school app...