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    Using Excel with engineering equations

    :-( I'll have to come up with some other symbols to use. Thanks!
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    Using Excel with engineering equations

    I need to plug some equations into Excel. I am using the Insert-->Name-->Define feature to assign a given cell to a defined named variable. Example... cell a1 = X, cell b1 =y this way I can say cell c1 = X*Y rather than having to say c1=a1*b1 Here's the problem... I need to...
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    Good bridge design?

    Here's a tip on building your bridge... I did this back in highschool... 1. The joints are going to be the weak link. 2. Overlapping joints will be stronger than butt joints. 3. maximize the number of overlapping joints. 4. Since there are no restrictions on how you cut your balsa...