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    Relative Entropy?

    Entropy is a measure of the probability of finding a system in a given configuration - period. You might have seen it in your statistical physics or thermodynamics textbooks as: S\proptolog(g), where the g is the multiplicity of the system's configuration, given by the binomial distribution...
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    Entropy Transfer?

    A reversible process is one in which system+surroundings (the universe) gains no net entropy. But one can see an entropy increase at the expense of the other while observing this relationship: only if the entropy increase in one is equal to the entropy loss in the other. A reversible process...
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    Entropy Transfer?

    That's right. Following Kittel, the multiplicity for a system of N particles, each of which with only two states available ("up" or "down" spin) is simply g=\frac{N!}{N_{up}!N_{down}!} If I add one particle (say spin up), we have: g=\frac{(N+1)!}{(N+1)_{up}!N_{down}!} Since...
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    Entropy Transfer?

    I've noticed a terrific number of authors talk about "entropy transfer" across a system boundary. But entropy is defined as log(multiplicity), and is a measure of available states to a system in a given configuration. We can transfer mass, charge, energy, from one system to another, and thus...