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  1. Lukeblackhill

    Range of Mortar Shells

    Thank you @TSny, that was rather helpful.
  2. Lukeblackhill

    Range of Mortar Shells

    Morning Mates, This problem of Berkeley Physics Course, Vol.1 - Chap. 3, says, "Range of mortar shells. The following are experimental data on the range and muzzle velocity of mortar shells, all fired at 4.5 0 to the horizontal. The time of flight is also included. Compare these ranges and...
  3. Lukeblackhill

    Ceiling height for a game of Catch

    Dear Mates, I was studying Newton's Laws of Motion by Berkeley's Physics Course, Vol. 1 - Chap. 3, when I came across this problem, about finding the maximum separation of the boys. In my mind, it was simply about finding the "2x", considering x to be the distance between the first boy and the...
  4. Lukeblackhill

    Newton's third Law paradox

    I don't think the accelerations are the same. Although they'll be moving due to a same force, the difference of masses mean that the ball and the bat would face different accelerations. If we throw the bat with the ball when they collide, and no air resistance is measured in the surroundings...