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  1. AndresPB

    Medical OSL Dosimetry and Build Up Region

    I understand the following image as follows: There is a build up region that varies with photons energy, the Dmax for 6 MV photons is around 1.5 cm. The build up region means that kerma > dose in that region, meaning that photons are creating electrons and when the Dmax is reached it is going...
  2. AndresPB

    Response of a System: Transfer Function

    Some time ago I made a modelling project and obtained a plot. Now, I want to remember what the transfer function was, as I want to try changing the parameters. The graph is the following: How can I obtain the transfer function? Thanks a lot
  3. AndresPB

    Medical X-Ray Machines and Physics

    Ok so i think we can conclude is that the acceleration via potential difference is not enough for a good amount of x rays to produce so the bremshtrahlung or characteristic emision processes are the ones that matter for this fenomena, my last question would be why does the order of magnitute...
  4. AndresPB

    Medical X-Ray Machines and Physics

    Good morning all, I was just wondering the following question. When an electron is accelerated it emits electromagnetic radiation, depending on how much it is accelerated the energy varies so the frecuency does and the electromagnetic wave emitted would be of different colors or maybe even...
  5. AndresPB

    Medical X-Ray Machine Specifications

    The info about generation of x-rays I've already got. I'm looking for a bit more specific information like the radiation pattern of any oral x-ray machine, and the exact accelaration effectuated on a electron.
  6. AndresPB

    Medical X-Ray Machine Specifications

    Good afternoon, I'm doing a research on x-rays machines. I chose the model KL27-0.8-70 (or any oral x-ray machine). I would be very grateful if someone could provide me some technical information as the radiation pattern, the aceleration efectuated on the electrons, and the electric field...