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    3dimensional wave propogation.

    Actually, that would be interesting.. Thank you for the assistance though. ^_^
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    3dimensional wave propogation.

    Essentially, the function for this: There isn't really a context, I'm not currently studying anything relating to this, it just interests me to see the behaviour of waves. I seem to have found it, by looking for an example image. z = sinx(√(x2+y2))
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    3dimensional wave propogation.

    I thought the maths area would be the best place to ask.. What kind of function would represent a 3 dimensional sine wave? A sine wave, where the z-axis lays on the circumference of a circle.
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    Saw this question online.

    The amount of water in a tank doubles every minute. If the tank was full at the 1 hour mark, when was the tank half full? ============================= It's not homework, I'm just trying to get the actual (reasoned) answer.. ============================= Here is the answer I argued (though...