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    Compression of methane

    I do not know what range automotive O2 sensors operate in. You need to keep your O2 content below 2% as far as I know, to stay in a safe range. Our sensors ran in contact with the gas stream itself, sampling 2-5 cfh. fairly simple concept: sensor- meter-alarm. The high oxygen alarm needs to be...
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    Compression of methane

    The BTU content of your methane can vary greatly, from barely hot enough to sustain combustion to blue hot flames. PLEASE, if you compress any flammable gas, include an oxygen sensor on the compressor suction (intake) line to prevent a dangerously explosive mix from being put into your...
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    Submersible bilge pump

    I thought that might be your intent. An underwater ROV in quadcopter form...ought to be a masters thesis in hydrodynamics. and yes, you will have to feed the motor controllers a signal they can understand, so be sure to get controllers that will take a PWM signal. In addition the controllers...
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    Submersible bilge pump

    Just so we are clear -I believe you mean a PWM signal. I have wired a number of bilge pumps and am not aware of an RC control capable bilge pump or one that is meant to operate at anything less than 100% of capacity. They are merely intended to be made inexpensively and run reliably. The only...
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    Invention prototype - help please with bent half tube

    You are correct. You can use exhaust header tubing pre-bent 90 or 180 degrees and then cut carefully with a bandsaw. While you show no dimensions, as long as it is less than 4 or 5 inch diameter, it should be fairly common. Some possible suppliers would be...
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    Recommended software for converting 2D images to 3D CAD model.

    Are you looking for a software program that can automatically convert 2D to 3D, or with the aid of an experienced CAD operator? To extrapolate 3D from 2D for visualization purposes, maybe... To create a 3D file accurate enough to be useful in building parts, there is a lot of information that...
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    What material is best to build a floating bicycle?

    It's a pontoon boat with a bicycle mounted on it. No real reason to change from standard materials used by the boating industry. Aluminum frame, stainless for the metal bits that spend the most time in the water. PVC, HPDE and Delrin for the plastic parts. I am skeptical about the usefulness of...
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    How do I size a hydraulic motor to fit a 12 propeller to move water?

    Hi Steve, Surplus will have better prices than Grainger. The only reservation I have about this plan is the fact that every time you change power from one form into another yoiu lose efficiency. "pushing against a varying total dynamic head from 1 foot up to 18 feet. "...
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    How to remotely control 4 DC motors?

    Do you need to control remotely by radio control? if so, then you'll just need a 4 channel remote control unit as used with either RC planes or cars and 4 motor controllers (bi-directional if needed...something like this: RC unit:
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    Engineering Technician

    I graduated from an Engineering Technology program in May 2010. If you are interested in pursuing ET as a career choice, there are some things you need to look in to. Start with ABET's discussion of the two programs: then take a look...
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    Which CAD Program Should I Learn?

    Fred Garvin said: "I came up on Pro-E and let me tell ya, PTC's documentation was the worst I had ever seen." I just bought MathCAD from PTC and while the interface is much more intuitive than MatLab and others...the documentation and support truly does suck. There are no good books that I...
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    12VDC >2hp electric motor are using something like the pot haulers at the top of this page? [Broken] Interesting pot hauler motor specs here: It looks like 12V and a max of 80 amps is the norm...